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2023-05-30 13:47:43

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autonomous boats research Marine team to study the future of autonomous boats

The marine team from UNSW is studying the concepts and prospects that involve around measures that would deal with ensuring top-class vehicles that could run on an autonomous manner. Professor Natalie Klein, from UNSW, is an expert in the field of L

UNSW Sydney
Australia , 24 March 2023
Prohibition of Vaping Recommendations for stopping vaping products arising among experts

Based on the outputs published in Public Health Research & Practice Journal by Associate Professor Becky Freeman, it has been found that importers have been consistently violating the marketing principles and selling illegal products to woo young au

University of Sydney
Australia , 18 March 2023
Cancer Treatment Research UNSW researchers find a new method to treat cancer

The introduction of tumours toward the cancer-based environment is an effective method that can be used to trigger the immune system. According to the researchers from UNSW Sydney and Garvan Institute of Medical Research, it is said that the earliest

UNSW Sydney
Australia , 15 March 2023
Elephant egg research Scientists at the University of Western Australia discover the elephant bird mystery

The experts from the University of Western Australia are part of a research team which have developed unique insights into the studies based on the ecology and evolution of the extinct bird in Madagascar. These extinct species are basically considere

University of Western Australia
Australia , 01 March 2023
Greenwood Hospital Vet Hospital opening at the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne has announced that it will open a Greencross Vet Hospital. The aim of this hospital is to ensure a health care facility for domesticated animals. Specifically, the Greencross Vet Hospital is a spacious 3000 sq km facility.

University of Melbourne
Australia , 14 February 2023
Cancer Research Genetic studies involve the detection and treatment of sarcoma

Research has been conducted in collaboration between UNSW Sydney, and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research has led to the identification of the presence of new types of genes that could lead to earlier detection of Cancer. Thus it could lead to i

UNSW Sydney
Australia , 21 January 2023
Block Chain Development Blockchain to Prevent Data Leaks

Data privacy and security are undoubtedly one of the most essential components of an organisation. Furthermore, it has been witnessed that several organisations have undergone several forms of data breaches which have cost these corporations losses i

Australia , 17 January 2023
Australian Solar Energy Project Solar Research Funding to Reduce Solar Energy Equipment Costs

The team of researchers led by Australian solar research funding is working on leading technologies to develop low-cost solar panels to ensure positive translation to renewable energy. Specifically, the research projects are expected to receive a com

Arena Wire
Australia , 04 January 2023
Covid Testing in China The New Entry Requirement for Chinese Travelers in Australia

The Australian University Sector has introduced new measures in the wake of a sudden spike in covid cases in China. Accordingly, Chinese students and travellers are required to present a negative Covid 19 Report within 48 Hours of their departure. Th

Epoch Times
Australia , 02 January 2023

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