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The unit SITTGDE007 explains all the performance outcomes, knowledge, and necessary skills required to research and give out authentic information about the Australian Indigenous cultures appropriately, respecting the general community standards. If you are in the process of pursuing a diploma course and facing problems with constructing SITTGDE007 assessment answers, you have come to the right place as here in Sample Assignment.

This unit promotes the recognition of the fact that there is more than one Indigenous Culture. Also, it emphasizes the training and importance of culturally appropriate and acceptable behaviour and consultation with local communities. We provide you with expert academic service for SITTGDE007 Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures assignment help at a very minimal price range. Although this unit is relevant for several industry sectors, it is primarily prevalent in the cultural tourism programs for individuals working in the customer service and guiding tour operations.

SITTGDE007 assessment answers

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What are the learning outcomes of the studying SITTGDE007 unit?

As the unit falls under tourism and tour guidance, there are several beneficial learning outcomes in this particular sector. Here are some outcomes that you can expect to learn from this unit.

  1. Select and use formal and informal research techniques to identify the key pieces of information about Australian Indigenous cultures. Research and identify the key pieces of information on Australian Indigenous cultures.
  2. Use indigenous interpreters to guide customers in interaction situations and ensure appropriate behaviour.
  3. Share accurate information on Australian Indigenous cultures respecting local community values to increase cultural awareness.
  4. Look for any chance of a problem due to any inappropriate behaviour from the customer's end and respond accordingly to avoid any offence.

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SITTGDE007 assessment answers

List of qualifications that include this SITTGDE007 unit?

This unit primarily focuses on training necessary skills and giving knowledge about the Australian Indigenous cultures, and the unit also provides several other qualification certificates, which are




Certificate IV in Community Culture


Certificate IV in Conservation and Ecosystem Management


Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership


Diploma of Outdoor Leadership


Certificate III in Guiding


Certificate III in Tourism


Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management


Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management


Certificate IV in Arts and Cultural Administration


Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership


Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work


Certificate IV in Guiding


Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism


Certificate III in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts


Certificate III in Arts and Cultural Administration


Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts

These are the various other qualifications included in this unit. As you can see, although the unit falls under tourism, it gives an overall knowledge and understanding of tourism management, community culture studies, management skills and many more.

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