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This SITEEVT012 unit explores ideas related to event concepts, which will eventually transform into functional systems. This process is undertaken during event analysis and bidding between event managers and service providers. This unit is taught in various fields like hospitality, tourism, hotel management, and multiple entertainment sectors. It is a core requirement for an Advanced Diploma in Event management. Students who clear this unit will be able to work as event managers in a firm that provides these services or work as event managers for a firm and will be responsible for planning, organizing, and professionally executing all events.

Many students often look for experts who help them draft SITEEVT012 assessment answers because of the huddle they face. Students often look for SITEEVT012 Develop event concept assignments to help reduce their huddles. This unit does not include technical skills such as dealing with stage lighting and sound systems. Still, it may require a foundational understanding of the same to be able to contribute to the decision-making processes for the technicalities of various events.

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ITEEVT012 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the SITEEVT012 unit?

If a student feels like they will face trouble covering all learning outcomes and fear important missing aspects, we provide SITEEVT012 Develop event concepts assignment help. Following learning outcomes by the end of this unit-

  1. Learning to gauge the requirement for events and creative brainstorming with relevant personnel is also a pertinent skill.
  2. Record the characteristics of the applied methods and include the ability to manage, readability, sustainability, and more.
  3. Review and analyze future possibilities and current outcomes and showcase these judgments.
  4. Learn how to update current concepts and be inclusive of stakeholders.
  5. Learn to weigh the pros and cons of different strategies and keep a record of the competitive strategies of various organizations that align with their current field of work.
  6. Able to spot limitations and create a more appropriate proposal for clients.
  7. Revise the concepts used for future purposes.
SITEEVT012 Assessment Answers

List of another imperative unit apart from the SITEEVT012 unit

Another important unit also plays equal importance in building up students' knowledge. Given below is the list of some important units:




Research international markets


Promote products and services


Instruct approved community fitness programs


Provide work skill instruction


Manage volunteers


Incorporate anatomy principles into skill development


Incorporate creative and technical needs into management processes


Apply work health and safety practices


Install and disassemble audio equipment


Use different performance techniques


Work to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities


Create and perform dance pieces


Maintain financial records


Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability


Coordinate recruitment and onboarding


Develop community networks


Maintain and protect cultural values in the organization


Extend expertise in specialist creative fields

SITEEVT012 assessment answers

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