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In this unit SHBBBOS001, you will learn about the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge needed to select and assist cosmetic tanning products. It needs the ability to advise clients on tanning products and colour selections, pick equipment and materials to prepare the skin, and apply tanning products with a spray tanning gun. This is mostly a practical unit where you have to find and analyze the products with the help of minimal supervision and direction from others. In this, you don't get time to draft SHBBBOS001 Assessment answers given by your university. Failure in submitting them on time causes a deduction in your final marks and causes a negative effect on your career in this field. So we are open to providing SB BOSS 001 assignment help and direct you in writing impressive answers to get maximum marks.

What are the learning outcomes of the SHBBBOS001 Unit?

Mostly the people who want to pursue a career as a beautician and work in beauty parlors or spas opt for this unit. There are multiple learning outcomes for them from this unit that will help they build a career in this field. You can get connected with our assignment maker to get your assignment solution done and submitted with the given timeframe .some of the learning outcomes are-

  • To evaluate sensitivity to the product and confirm colour preference, you can perform a skin test according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • When delivering tanning services to minors, obtain signed consent from the parent or guardian before treatment and ensure their presence throughout the treatment.
  • Prepare the customer and give appropriate protection.
  • You can easily consult with the customer about their cosmetic tanning needs.
  • Identify any contraindications to cosmetic tanning and, if necessary, refer the client to the relevant specialist.
  • You will know how to get the desired result by applying spray tan ingredients uniformly and in the order listed.
  • Maintain client discretion and privacy throughout the service.
  • Prepare the customer and give appropriate protection.
  • You can appropriately select tanning products and equipment.
  • You can conduct spray gun pressure and operation to test.
  • Keep an eye on client reactions and side effects if they happen and provide an immediate solution.
  • You will get aware of following rules and procedures to reduce product and consumable waste.
  • Offer aftercare guidance and make product and service recommendations.
  • Clean and sanitize the tanning salon and equipment according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Rebook the client following the service agreement.

These are some major learning outcomes of this unit. Along with that, you will learn much more about beauty therapy. If you need any help with assignments, contact us to avail our SHBBBOS001 academic assistance services to get good grades and submit the assignment within the given deadline.

sHBBBOS001 assessment answers

Other Imperative units of study Apart from SHBBBOS001 unit

Beauty therapy is a vast course and has more units to complete. Only one unit cannot give you a full diploma degree; you must complete more units to get minimum credit points. These units are more or less related to beauty therapy and its surroundings. You can choose the units per the university guidelines pass them successfully and obtain a diploma. Here is a list of some units that you can do along with SHBBBOS001-




Provide Body Treatments


Research And Apply Beauty Industry Information


Provide Body Massages


Provide Salon Services To Clients


Provide Female Intimate Waxing Services


Provide Lash And Brow Services


Apply Safe Hygiene, Health And Work Practices


Provide Specialized Facial Treatments


Apply Cosmetic Tanning Products


Maintain Infection Control Standards


Provide Waxing Services


Provide Aromatherapy Massages

These are some units that you can do along with SHBBBOS001. In case you need any Assignment Help Australia you can contact us. We will provide an assignment solution on SHBBBOS001 to help you make assignments. Our assistance will be beneficial for you as we provide assignment help and academic help. Our experts can solve any doubts or queries if you hire us.

SHBBBOS001 Assessment Answers

List of Universities and colleges in Australia that offer Diplomas in beauty therapy.

Australia is known for having the best education system in the world. There are several universities in Australia that provide diplomas in beauty therapy. You have to select the perfect one that suits your requirements. After that, we will be available to provide SHBBBOS001 academic assistance services and help you make your assignments. Here is a list of popular universities in Australia providing this diploma course.

  • TAFE Western Australia.
  • Australian Catholic University
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Atwea College
  • Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Victoria university
  • ACBT Perth
  • RMIT University
  • Academia University
  • Charles Darwin University.

These are the topmost universities in Australia to do this diploma course. You can enrol in the one you wish to. Assignments are a crucial part of your academic session, and we are helping students by providing Assignment Help Australia. Students of Australian universities joined us to get the best academic assistance.

List of Essential skills to excel in the field of beauty.

There are some skills required to excel in this field. Generally, some skills are inbuilt while some are developed during the course. Students generally develop these skills while doing practical work and on-field experience. At the same time, theory and assignments are necessary to build the basics of the topics and educate you to apply the skills in the field. We can provide SHBBBOS001 assignment help if you are more inclined towards practical work and cannot complete your assignments on time. So here is a list of some skills

  1. Writing skills- To note down what is taught in the class and by the supervisors during practical work.
  2. Reading skills- To use cleansing and tanning equipment and materials safely, read and follow manufacturer directions and safety data sheets.
  3. Technological skills- To update client notes, rebook clients for future treatment, record stock statistics and product purchases using client software, and manage online orders and bookings.
  4. Numeracy skills- To calculate treatment price, the quantity of product to be used, and treatment times.
  5. Problem-solving skills- To identify issues with machines and equipment like spray guns and fix them.
sHBBBOS001 assessment answers

Why choose our experts for SHBBBOS001 Academic assistance?

SHBBBOS001 is a practical subject. Therefore, many students face problems while solving its assignment. Some even fail to deliver it before the deadline and end up getting low marks or zero which causes a negative impact on their grade card. Our subject experts are available for such students with the best assignment help to lessen the hindrance of assignments and focus on the actual learning with practical experience. The experts will become your assignment maker and give the best assistance to complete them. We can even provide you with a SHBBBOS001 assignment sample online to check our authenticity and experience in writing answers. Our experts will check your assignments before finally submitting them to college.

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