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Enhance Your Grades with the Best NURS5055 Intensive Care Nursing Practice Assessment Answers

The healthcare industry in Australia is constantly doing good from years. Australia tops among OECD nations regarding healthcare and equity outcomes and third in terms of total healthcare performance, after only Norway and the Netherlands. 'Being in the top three (of OECD nations) is a fantastic achievement, and overall general practice performance was excellent.'

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Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2014–15 National Health Study (NHS) states that 85 percent of Australians aged 15 and over rate their health as 'excellent' or better, consistent with the previous survey in 2011–12. (ABS 2015e). The situation is better in the region where we can say that intensive care nursing practice plays a vital role. If you are pursuing this course, then you can ask our team members to get NURS5055 Intensive Care Nursing Practice assessment answers.

Since critical illness is accompanied by rapidly changing clinical presentations, nurses caring for the critically sick must combine complicated physiological knowledge with advanced assessment skills to make effective clinical judgments. You will investigate a range of clinical presentations in this unit of study, including those associated with single and multiple organ failure, severe injury, and chronic and complicated disease.

The management of various clinical disorders will be investigated, emphasizing therapies and patient outcomes. Critical illness is also connected with acute and long-term psychological repercussions for both the patient and their family. As a result, a focus will be made on the critical illness experience, psychosocial rehabilitation, and the impact of critical illness.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of NURS5055 Intensive Care Nursing Practice?

Our NURS5055 Intensive Care Nursing Practice academic assistance says that the course will easily help you understand the concepts and topics. The course will provide you with a lot of information. You must be sure about how you proceed with the course and assignments then this may give you fabulous results. Now, take a quick look at what are you going to gain after completing this course -

  • A clear knowledge of the theoretical content is incorporated in the subject to gain new knowledge that supports the safe practice as a speciality nurse in the paediatric intensive care practice setting
  • A comprehension of the evolving knowledge base in the specialized area
  • The capacity to use scientific information to comprehend skills and practices relevant to the specialized area
  • Capability to express their knowledge and ideas in writing from the communication
  • The ability to handle competing time demands, particularly self-directed project work.
  • The capacity to assess and synthesize research and professional literature in this field.

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nurs5055 intensive care nursing assignment help

Sample Assignments Done under the Guidance of Our Experts

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What is the Role of Nurses in Modern Healthcare?

Nurses have historically provided the general population with high-quality treatment. Professional respect in the medical community, on the other hand, was earned by years of lobbying, organization, and, most significantly, intellectual advancement of the profession. Nurses were viewed as less integral members of a clinical care team 70 years ago (despite their many responsibilities), but they have fought for more recognition and now command much more respect and autonomy, enjoying an increasingly collaborative relationship with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

To comprehend the significance of nurses and why nurses are so crucial in healthcare today, consider what a registered nurse performs, from the relationships they build with patients to how they collaborate with other practitioners.

Source - Ellis, P. (1993). Role of ethics in modern healthcare: 1. British Journal of Nursing, 2(2), 144-146.

List of Best Australian Universities for Nursing Course

  • The University of Technology Sydney - Global Rank 7
  • The University of Sydney - Global Rank 13
  • Monash University - Global Rank 14
  • The University of Melbourne - Global Rank 26
  • Deakin University - Global Rank 29
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT) - Global Rank 36
  • The University of Adelaide - Global Rank 39
  • The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON) - Global Rank 38
  • The University of Queensland - Global Rank 36

These are some best and famous universities in Australia; we have also added the global ranks. If you want some other information, we are always open to questions and doubts. Our team will resolve your queries in no time.

nurs5055 intensive care nursing practice assessment answers

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A level 1 ICU mainly provides oxygen, noninvasive monitoring, and other intense nursing care than the award. In contrast, in the level 2 ICU, you will only get invasive monitoring and some basic life support for a limited time.

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