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The unit MEM12025A explains how to construct and interpret charts and graphs from a given list of determined data and construct basic statistical evaluations. Charts and graphs describe data from various work fields, market trends, production and other engineering applications. For calculations, there is a wide range of devices available.

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MEM12025A assessment answers

What are the Pros of Studying a Diploma Course in Australia?

There are several benefits of choosing a short-term diploma course, especially in Australia, where the country prevailing with a labour and skills crisis always needs to hire new and potential skilled recruitees. Australia has become a viable option for students since it is already well known for its educational facilities and healthcare. The several benefits of doing a short-term diploma course are -

  • Diploma courses are generally short-term and can be completed within 12-18 months, while the degree courses take up at least 3 years.
  • The Australian authorities allow the students to work part-time with a Student's Visa, as per their convenience.
  • Certificate III and IV completion in Australia get people to earn about $3200, potentially more than the first-year university students. Hence, you can start earning from the very beginning.
  • Doing a diploma course online gives you the time and liberty to explore other career options while pursuing the studies to earn the certification.
  • The fee structures of the diploma courses are convenient and subsequently lower than most of the degree courses.
  • Australia's prevailing labour and skills shortage enables you to be more likely to get hired by acquiring skills by completing your certification course.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the Unit MEM12025A?

This unit provides all the important knowledge and skills to get placed in a specific sector. Earning all the qualifications would help you work efficiently in an industry setting.

  1. Learn to extract complex information details from the graphical representation.
  2. Analyse data according to current trends.
  3. Construct graphs from the given data and draw concerning accepted method and scale.
  4. Understand the significant graphical representation features like gradients, intercepts, limiting lines, and maximum and minimum values.
  5. Know the methods of constructing various graphs, including control charts, histograms, illustrative graphs, etc.
  6. Perform basic statistical calculations like standard deviation, mean, median and mode.
  7. Understand the benefits of applying limits and standard deviation to improve your technique.

These are the outcomes you can expect from this unit. With our MEM12025A assignment sample online, you can get help to prepare a perfect assignment to impress your university.

MEM12025A assessment answers

List of Qualifications Under the Unit MEM12025A

The unit is a part of the engineering diploma and comes with all the necessary qualification units related to the field.

Unit Code

Unit Name


Advanced Diploma of Engineering


Diploma of Manufacturing Technology


Diploma of Engineering - Technical


Advanced Diploma of Manufacturing Technology


Certificate III in Engineering - TCF Mechanic

As you see, the unit focuses on several other qualifications as well apart from just graph study, and hence prepares the individual and makes him adept at working in a professional setting and put in effective contributions in collaborative projects.

MEM12025A assessment answers

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Using graphs and charts makes your presentation easily understandable to the viewers by giving out a clearer picture of the data, which is brief and crisp with all the necessary information and allows data comparison with other research findings.

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