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This HLTINF003 unit provides necessary training about the skills and knowledge required for effective infection control and prevention procedures in work practices and observes performance in the workplace.

Thus, the unit applies to the individuals working in healthcare or direct client care sectors with a team-leading, management, supervisory or coordination responsibilities related to the prevention and control of infections.

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HLTINF003 assessment answers

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What are the learning outcomes of studying the unit HLTINF003?

These are the general learning outcomes of the HLTINF003 unit. Students pursuing this diploma can avail of our expert services and access our HLTINF003 assignment sample online for practice. This unit falls under enrolled nursing and trains you in several ways. So following are the learning outcomes given below:

  1. Provide necessary information about infection prevention and give out proper information.
  2. Provide opportunities to the workgroup to know further information about infection prevention in the workplace and other issues regarding control and practice.
  3. Provide necessary support and coaching to the workgroup members to integrate control and infection prevention policies.
  4. Take steps to resolve issues by consulting the appropriate personnel.
  5. Employ accurate work procedures to ensure appropriate infection control and prevention practice.
  6. Check for colleagues to report any infection issues and try resolving them.
  7. Monitor and check on infection risks, regularly review the work procedure, and adjust to improve infection control practice in the workplace.
  8. Provide feedback about work-related issues and changes that needed to be made regarding work procedures to the co-workers.
  9. Document and maintain control risks and infection prevention measures and investigate potential breaches of infection control procedures.
HLTINF003 assessment answers

What are the qualifications included in the unit HLTINF003?

This unit comes with several qualification certificates besides your enrolled infection control training. The qualifications are -




Certificate IV in Operating Theatre Technical Support


Certificate IV in Sterilisation Services


Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care


Diploma of Nursing


Advanced Diploma of Nursing


Diploma of Practice Management


Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice

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HLTINF003 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The admission requirements of this field include the completion of an AQF level 7 bachelor's degree in nursing, medical or other relevant fields; or five years of minimum experience in a health sector.

The stages of acquiring an infection include exposure, stage of infection, stage of disease, and finally, the outcome stage.

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