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This subject deals with the changing nature of educational leadership in training and educational institutes. It examines the characteristics, dynamics and nature of all local, national and global institutions of present-time education and training organisations. It interprets how educational influences define and construct the present-day context for educational leadership, concluding upon a series of different theoretical approaches, including postmodern techniques that are socially just, to educational leadership and training. This level of training benefits the performer with techniques through practice and with expert guidance and motivation. If you are looking for ESA502 assessment answers help, you have come to the right place here in Sample Assignment. Our subject matter experts provide you with the best academic assistance and help you with assignment solution on ESA502 and save you from tiring efforts.

This unit trains the students to understand the nature and characteristics of these effects within their institutions and the ethical applications of these influences on their leadership practices. This subject also focuses on further efforts concerning the development and application of new policy, change in the organisational standard and the current politics of education in the present day scenario.

ESA502 assessment answers

Pros of doing a short-term diploma/certificate course in Australia

There are several benefits of choosing a short-term diploma course, especially in Australia, where the country prevailing with a labour and skills crisis, is always in need of hiring new and potential skilled employees. Australia has become a viable option for students since it is already well known for its educational facilities and healthcare. The several benefits of doing a short-term diploma course are -

  • Doing a diploma course is cheaper. Yet, it is completely as valuable as a degree course and gives you the chance to land a job a lot earlier.
  • Diplomas can be completed in a significantly much lesser time than the degree courses and hence gives the students time to think and the opportunity to study another course.
  • With the availability and popularity of online learning, universities often allow students to do some or even all the subjects online. Thus, this offers the students flexibility in learning and gives them much time to continue their work or social life and studies.
  • The admission criteria of diploma courses are much more relaxed, and you don’t need high academic grades or any fixed age to get enrolled.

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What are the other units of study apart from ESA502?

Students are guided to study several units of studies when opting for a Diploma/Certificate in Early Childhood Education. Some of these units of studies are given below:

Unit Code

Unit Name


Professional Practice in Early Childhood


Contemporary Education Professionals


Leading Professional Learning Organisations


Indigenous Education Studies


Leading Learning in Early Childhood


Classroom Technologies

ESA502 assessment answers

What are the learning outcomes of studying the unit ESA502?

Studying this unit of study has several advantages, some of the learning outcomes of this particular unit are as follows:

  1. Learn to understand the social and economic forces, either external or internal to the formal organisation, which might impact the contemporary educational and training organisations.
  2. Figure out the speculative tools you can apply to analyse the changing local, national and global circumstances and factors impacting leadership in education and training institutions.
  3. Learn to understand the capacity to process and evaluate the dynamic interplay of external and internal organisational forces.

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List of Universities offering a short-term course in Educational Leadership

Australia is globally famous for its education, tourism, and healthcare facilities. There are many universities and colleges that offer a short-term course in educational leadership are as follows:

  • The University of Notre Dame, Australia
  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of Tasmania
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Curtin University
  • Deakin University

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ESA502 assessment answers

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Educational leadership is the study that guides and motivates teachers, parents, and pupils' talents and skills for achieving all general education outcomes.

Educational leadership aims to train the individual to improve their mastery of teaching by using several skills such as motivation, affirmation, and inspiration and using several challenges to improve their teaching practice and pedagogy.

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