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The unit EEB505 is aimed to enable the students to learn more about Indigenous Australian Education and its benefits in primary and secondary educational scenarios. This unit trains the students to study Australia's Indigenous cultures, histories critically, and contemporary contexts, become more aware of Indigenous Australians' socio-cultural and socio-political references and proceed with understanding the ranges of different Indigenous values and worldviews.

The unit also teaches a wide range of teaching methods and strategies to implicate Indigenous Australian perspectives inside the class setting, prepare and educate students about the Australian Indigenous cultures, histories, and morals, and support them more effectively. Employ the teaching methods to understand and figure out the prevailing issues of Indigenous Australians and plan out education policies devoid of racism and service methods, evaluating their contribution to outcomes of the students, quality, and equity within primary or secondary education settings.

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EEB505 assessment answers

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What are the other units of study apart from EEB505?

There are other unit also which play important role apart from this unit so other units of study under education courses apart from EEB505 are as follow:

Unit name

Unit Course


Professional Practice in Early Childhood


Contemporary Education Professionals


Leading Professional Learning Organisations


Indigenous Education Studies


Leading Learning in Early Childhood


Classroom Technologies

EEB505 assessment answers

What are the learning outcomes of studying the unit EEB505?

An indigenous Education study is an important learning sector for teachers and pupils to interact with the aboriginal community in a socially acceptable manner and give them equal opportunities. You do not have to ask your friends for help with assignments services anymore. Instead, hire our services at a minimum price structure, suiting your needs.

Some of the learning outcomes include -

  1. Learn to explore and understand the different diversities of Indigenous Australian Cultures.
  2. Learn to identify issues associated with Social Justice and analyse the disadvantages and reconciliations.
  3. Know relevant facts about the Indigenous Australian culture and important historical significance and impacts on educational settings
  4. Identify the possible social issues impacting the involvement of the Australian Indigenous Communities.
  5. Take help from experts and employ them to improve Australian Indigenous students' educational outcomes.
  6. Use research and analysis to evaluate, develop, modify and implement programs.

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List of universities offering short-term certificate courses in Indigenous Education Studies in Australia

There are several universities offering a short-term course in Education studies, these include -

Name of the universities

Name of the course

The University of Notre Dame, Australia

Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership & Management)

University of Tasmania

Graduate Certificate of Education

Deakin University

Graduate Certificate of Education

Curtin University

Graduate Certificate in Education

Charles Sturt University

Graduate Certificate in Education (With Specialisation)

Edith Cowan University

Graduate Certificate of Education

University of Southern Queensland

Graduate Certificate of Education

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EEB505 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program intends to understand better the Aboriginal culture and values on education and teaching in all schools, but primarily in the schools where Aboriginal students are enrolled.

Some of the tips for teaching Aboriginal studies involve -

  • Keeping in mind the cultural needs.
  • Make references and relations to their community and culture.
  • Promoting Aboriginality
  • Enable student engagement and gives more chances for students to participate.

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