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The unit CUADIG519 explains all the necessary knowledge and skills to proceed with applying technologies in your creative practice. This unit requires exploring different technologies, analysing them in-depth, and putting them into a proper application for work.

This unit is effective for individuals whose field of work includes integrating and producing creative content for digital and traditional media. The individuals are free to explore the technologies independently but under effective supervision.

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CUADIG519 assessment answers

What are the pros of pursuing a Short-term Diploma Course in Australia?

Assume you're considering taking the next step in your profession and are overwhelmed by the various alternatives and possibilities. In such a scenario, it would be a good time to choose a short-term diploma programme with several advantages, including -

  • One can complete diploma courses in a significantly lesser amount of time, about 12-18 months.
  • The fee structure for a short-term diploma course is a lot lesser than that of a degree course offered in colleges.
  • With the increasing popularity of the online educational system, most universities allow students to opt for online diploma courses, enabling work flexibility and maintaining their social life and studies.
  • The diploma courses mostly have very relaxed admission criteria, and you don't need any fixed age, vast prior knowledge about the subject, or even higher grades to get enrolled.

These are some of the advantages of studying for a diploma in Australia. A certificate course will help you get a job faster than a degree course. Completing certain certificates is equivalent to completing a full-time university degree programme in Australia.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of studying the CUADIG519 Unit?

This unit falls under the graphic designing sector and trains the individual with several ways of exploring new and old technologies and expanding their style of work.

  1. Research all the experimental digital technologies and equipment, current and emerging, applied to artistic practice.
  2. Examine the capabilities of various digital technologies and equipment to generate various effects.
  3. Evaluate the price and availability of various equipment and technologies.
  4. Examine the creative and professional possibilities provided by various technologies and their limitations and restraints.
  5. Choose appropriate technologies for your artistic practice and implement them following safety regulations.
  6. Experiment with technology to expand capabilities and establish your artistic working methods to accomplish desired results.
  7. Preserve the quality and longevity of the equipment by following the proper storage and handling instructions.

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CUADIG519 assessment answers

List of the qualifications that include the CUADIG519 Unit

This unit comes with several qualifications related to the graphic designing field, which help the individual work efficiently in a professional environment. Listed below are some of the qualification that includes this unit.




Diploma of Visual Arts


Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services


Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging


Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts


Advanced Diploma of Visual Merchandising


Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design


Diploma of Graphic Design

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CUADIG519 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to work as a graphic designer without a formal education. However, it is required for you to be well-versed in the required fundamentals. But in general, your creative design portfolio will always be preferred over your credentials.

Some of the skills essential for standing out as an acknowledged graphic designer are -

  • Media Production and Communication knowledge,
  • attention to detail,
  • mastery of design skills,
  • Ability to perform designing tasks in specific computer software programs,
  • Creative potential and,
  • Good verbal communication skills.

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