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This CLS400 unit seeks to broaden students' clinical knowledge abilities in order to better care for patients who are facing acute health problems, notably cardiovascular and breathing emergencies. Students will need to apply pathophysiological principles and factor them into account to provide advanced life support (ALS) care to patients experiencing medical emergencies, including obstetric, neonatal, and pediatric emergencies. Many students often face problems while drafting CLS400 Medical emergencies assessment answers because of the complexity of the topic. A medical emergency is a course in which students are taught to learn and develop skills to calculate and stabilize critical patients who have fluctuating conditions or are transported from one place to another.

CLS400 assessment answers

What are the learning outcomes of studying the CLS400 unit?

Students often need CLS400 academic assistance services while pursuing this course because they also have to learn the following skills by the end of the course:

  • Evaluate a patient with basic medical conditions and needs.
  • Have the knowledge to explain general pharmacologic principles.
  • Hone the skills which are required in medication administration.
  • Detect the indications linked to the most common environmental emergencies for a convenient method of transportation for the patient.
  • Categorize a patient as a drug abuser or a victim of toxicology ingestion.
  • Be capable of doing the basic things like describing airway physiology, evaluating the airway, and knowing the possible intermediations for airway management.
  • Recognize, assess and articulate a strategy to stabilize a patient with any respiratory emergency for transportation.
  • Identify the signs and relate them to the symptoms when the patient is in shock.
  • Identify, evaluate and communicate an idea to transport a patient with a cardiovascular emergency without any inconvenience.
  • Have knowledge about the most common neurological and endocrine emergencies and what an EMT can do for them.
  • Understand the patient's medical history and critically assess their complaints and try to associate them with symptoms of the problem in the gastrointestinal tract, renal system, and reproductive system.
CLS400 assessment anSwers

Other imperative units of studies apart from CLS400

These units are also taught in most short-terms which is why students always look for help with assignment services so that they can easily draft their assignments. These below-mentioned units, along with CLS400, are also important.

Unit code

Unit name


Mental Health and Primary Care








Trauma, Environmental, and Toxicological Emergencies


Transition to Practice


Clinical Placement

CLS400 assessment answers

Career prospects of studying CLS400 Medical emergency.

The Australian population has marginally increased in the last 50 years, so now the government is constantly trying to improve the health sector as much as possible thus, various jobs in the medical field are always available, and medical emergency service is one such stream. Some jobs available for graduates with a diploma in emergency medicine are:

  • Emergency Medical dispatcher (EMD)
  • Emergency Room nurse (ERN)
  • Emergency Medicine Physician (EMP)

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A medical emergency is such a stream that it plays a major role in every country's health sector, especially with increasing populations like Australia. Hence the Australian government is doing its best to prepare skilled nurses via short-term courses like diplomas and graduate certificates.

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