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This unit explains the knowledge and skills necessary for assessing intervention needs and monitoring and applying the brief intervention strategies for people at various stages of change. This unit applies to all the people working and studying in community service. Hire our expert services now to get the best CHCCCS014 Provide brief interventions assignment help, at a very reasonable price range. Our expert assistance in this unit will help you construct your assessment papers, impress your professors, and get high marks. Students can easily compose their CHCCCS014 Assessment Answers by connecting with our subject-matter experts.

CHCCCS014 assessment answers

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What are the learning outcomes of studying the unit CHCCCS014?

This unit trains the individual with several processes of achieving the goal of brief intervention in the change process. In this unit, you will learn to

  1. Evaluate the person's needs and the issues of concern and recognise the effective strategies support for the intervention.
  2. Use intervention strategies to raise health issue awareness among the people who do not contemplate and motivate those willing to match the state of change.
  3. Make sure to take opportunities to support the people who tend to make a change.
  4. Motivate new ideas from the people about ideas of change, relapse strategies, and new goal settings.
  5. Identify and assist a person and give him support for his prior relapsed, unlike it will not break they were it.
  6. Monitor and keep notes of the person's activities and maintain confidentiality concerning company policies and information security.
  7. Review and discuss the person's progress regularly in an appropriate manner.

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CHCCCS014 assessment answers

What are the qualifications included in the unit CHCCCS014?

For becoming the best in brief interventions, there are several qualifications included in this unit, which are:




Certificate IV in Dental Assisting


Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership


Certificate IV in Housing


Certificate IV in Indigenous Environmental Health


Certificate III in Indigenous Environmental Health


Certificate III in Population Health


Advanced Diploma of Nursing


Certificate IV in Population Health


Certificate IV in Community Services


Certificate IV in Correctional Practice


Certificate IV in Mental Health


Diploma of Counselling

CHCCCS014 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is also referred to as Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) and is a technique used to employ change for risky and unhealthy behaviour such as alcohol abuse, smoking, or lack of exercise.

The necessary steps to brief intervention include -

  • Starting a conversation.
  • Analyse the possible impacts of substance abuse.
  • Sum up and review all the available options for cure.
  • Suggest standardised methods of cure.
  • If the client agrees to use substances responsibly, plan out a proper routine for him to follow.

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