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This unit covers identifying, analysing, and refining project expenses to create a budget and use that budget as the primary control mechanism for project costs.

This unit is appropriate for anyone in charge of managing and leading a project in an organisation, business, or as a consultant.

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BSBPMG533 assessment answers

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  • With the availability and popularity of online learning, universities often allow students to do some or even all the subjects online hence offering flexibility in learning and giving time to continue their work or social life.
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What are the learning outcomes of studying BSBPMG533 in this unit?

This unit falls under the project management sector and prepares the students with all the necessary skills to act expectedly in a corporate environment. The individual must perform the following performance criteria to meet the desired industrial outcomes.

  1. In consultation with relevant stakeholders, determine resource requirements for specific tasks specified in the work breakdown structure.
  2. Estimate project expenses and create a budget for the project generated within agreed-upon tolerances.
  3. Be responsible for constructing effective cost-management plans for project funds.
  4. Employ consented to financial management methods and procedures to evaluate overall expenditure versus the budget.
  5. Evaluate cost variations, monitor negotiated measures to meet financial goals, and analyse alternative options.
  6. Ensure that financial reports are accurate and timely.

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BSBPMG533 Assessment Answers

What Are The Qualifications That Include This Unit BSBPMB533?

The unit comes with several qualifications related to the project management field, which are required to perform efficiently in a professional industry setting. Here is the list of qualifications that are given below-

Unit Code

Unit Name


Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction


Diploma of Materiel Logistics


Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services


Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services


Diploma of Civil Construction Management


Diploma of Project Management


Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

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BSBPMG533 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Diploma in Project Management is a nationally recognised course, and it prepares you to take on the role of project leader or manager. To succeed in project management employment across various industries, you'll need high-level, transferable abilities.

The different types of project managers are -

  • Expert Project Managers,
  • Adventurous Project Managers,
  • Supportive Project Managers, and
  • Technical Project Managers.

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