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This AHCNRM503 unit provides all the necessary knowledge and skills required to support the application of various strategies of catchment plans to improve waterways.

The unit is applicable to the individuals who work for the management and development of waterways. Their responsibilities extend up to applying various improvement plans for the waterways by applying various strategies while working with the stakeholders. Individuals must account for others' progress and design solutions for all the potential conflicts.

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AHCNRM503 Assessment Answers

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What are the learning outcomes of studying this AHCNRM503 unit?

The unit prepares the individuals to perform efficient water management strategies, and by the end of the course, you will be placed in a proper industrial setting, and your job roles would include -

  1. Evaluate the responsibilities of the key stakeholders for planning and management within the catchment area.
  2. Review the scope and impact of the regulations and management plans related to current trends while keeping the government policies in check.
  3. Gather all the necessary information about the specific needs of the waterways.
  4. Review the catchment plans and management policies and decide priorities and targets on funding requirements by consulting with the stakeholders.
  5. Enable the participation of the stakeholders by communicating funding and priorities about target strategies.
  6. Ensure cooperation between the stakeholders and support the development plans.
  7. Keep a documented record of all the findings for future reference.
  8. Advice and support the stakeholders by providing them with all the necessary legislative requirements and various approach plans.
  9. Analyse the progress and monitor appropriately with proper negotiation and communication to solve conflicts.
  10. Evaluate the progress towards achievement and communicate the findings to the stakeholders.

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List of universities offering a short term course in conservation and ecosystem management

  1. Deakin University,
  2. Australian National University,
  3. RMIT University,
  4. Charles Darwin University Australia,
  5. TAFE NSFW International Australia,
  6. Federation University,
  7. Melbourne Polytechnic,
  8. Canberra Institute of Technology,
  9. The University of Tasmania

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AHCNRM503 Assessment Answers

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The environmental management course teaches the necessary skills to balance the commercial needs while protecting and sustaining the environment by meeting the necessary environmental demands. This course may focus both on environmental science and business topics.

Graduating in environmental management allows an individual to get placed in the related sectors, including

  • Environmental Law Consultants
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Specialists
  • Environmental Auditors

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