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MBA404: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Assignment Sample
MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology is a course studied by the management students. Under this study, they explore the customer’s behaviour and reactions. After completing this MBA404 course, they will have a better understanding of purchasing products that best suit the consumer’s requirements.  There are numerous students who are getting enrolled in this course year by year and if you are one of them, then read the further details explained by our psychology assignment help expert. During this study, you have to deal with an assessment where you will be provided with a chance to accumulate the entire information conducted in assessments 1 and 2. Moreover, you are required to demonstrate a better understanding of marketing issues concerned with consumer behaviour in terms of social class, culture, attitudes, group influence, decision making, and consumer learning processes. To solve the MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology assessment, you will be provided with a scenario and based on that you have to draft a 2000-words report explaining applications of different consumer behaviour aspects and theories, and present strategic recommendations. Let’s take a look at the scenario below: MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Scenario Sample

How to Structure the MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Report?

Your report should be presented in an accurate way by following the standard format. As per our assignment help experts, the MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology report should include the following components:
  1. Title page
  2. Table of content
  3. Table of figures (optional)
  4. Executive summary
  5. Particular service or product overview
  6. Critical analysis
  7. Recommendations
  8. Appendices (optional) and
  9. References
Executive Summary The term executive summary is an essential section while writing a report. Here, you are required to summarise all the key points of your report and present it concisely. Here’s an example of the executive summary that was written by our marketing assignment writers: MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology assignment Sample for Executive Summary Table of contents The table of contents usually acts as a roadmap to your writing. It includes headings and subheadings along with the page number. To prepare the table of contents, you need to be well-versed with Google Docs, Ms Word, or iWork. Advanced tables also include hyperlinking to internal pages. You can watch videos on YouTube or ask our assignment writing expert to help you out with this. How to do a critical analysis? Firstly, you must identify issues related to the selected product or service. Then, perform a detailed critical analysis and interpret the issues convincingly. Here, you can analyse the current marketing strategy and develop a product name. Your analysis can be based on the following factors: age, gender, occupation, brand, preferences, etc. Moreover, create a pricing strategy and identify the market to advertise the product. The term “marketing communication mix” is explained as a method that is used to promote the product, service, or the company to targeted consumers. To perform better critical analysis, you must be well-versed with essential elements such as advertising, direct marketing, discounts, public relations, direct marketing, and event sponsorship. Lists of Strategic Recommendations Including recommendations is important in a report because it calls your readers to look at the evidence that has been collected in the report. To write the strategic recommendations, you need to summarise the outcomes, findings, and information, acknowledge limitations and suggest your own that can bring into action in the future. References As per our assignment help experts, you can refer to government publications, journal articles, industry reports, etc. In this report, you must include at least 15 information sources and should be referenced properly by using the Harvard Referencing Style.

How to Score Better Grades in Report Writing Assignments?

Willing to score better grades in MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology or similar report writing assignments? Then, do follow the guidelines given below.
  • Critically understand and analyse the issue.
  • Your analysis should be conducted in a way that it clearly finds and applies the related MBA404 concepts and theories.
  • Suggested appropriate convincing recommendations that can be taken into account in the future.
  • Conduct focused and extensive research including primary and secondary sources.
  • Make proper and correct use of spelling and grammar throughout the report.

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You can go through the psychology assignment samples to know more about consumer behaviour and their psychology behind the purchasing products and services. These samples are written by our team of psychology experts who have a vast knowledge of the subject and experience in writing marketing assignments. Simply visit our website, Sample Assignment, and browse through them. Apart from this, we also help students in terms of writing, proofreading, editing, plagiarism identification, and checking the quality of their assignments. To order a fresh copy of your MBA404 consumer behavior and marketing psychology report writing assignment task, you can fill the order form available on our website.  
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