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2023-03-22 22:38:22

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Chat GPTs

 The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been a contentious topic in the field of various science fiction entertainment, whether it would be a movie, novel or any other form of relevant medium. In current times there have been debatable topics which were involved whether artificial intelligence would become a replacement for traditional jobs. Speaking of artificial intelligence, Chat GPT has become a  hot topic related to artificial intelligence. In this blog, we will discuss the functions and usage of Chat GPT and how this kills students' creativity. In addition, we will be discussing the positive and negative aspects involving around Chat GPT .

 All about Chat GPT

Chat GPT Landing Page

Chat GPT  is the next-level language machine that utilises statistics and reinforcement-based learning that involves supervision-based learning, which could be used to develop index words and phrases.  Contrary to the word, actually, there is no intelligence in this involved. The main advantage of this system is that it uses intelligent algorithms for writing answers and articles in an effective manner. Another interesting aspect of this chatbot is that it is one of a kind to mimics human writing styles. As a result, this output it provides in the written content generates a feeling that it provides information that is similar to the style of conversation that occurs between human beings.

 In terms of features, here are some of the features based on Chat GPT:

  • Understanding of natural language 

A big advantage of using Chat GPT is that it is able to learn and understand the natural language in which individuals talk. In addition, it involves the inclusion of complex sentences and expressions, including the utilisation of figures of speech, which is unusual for a formalised form of writing that is usually prevalent in chatbots. For this reason, it has also become an addictive tool for users who seek for a medium to obtain interactive answers.

  • Fluent Generation of Text

When you use Chat GPT, you will notice a rapid generation of text which is fluent in response. Due to their quick response, it serves as an effective medium to obtain quick chat-related responses for numerous queries. Besides, with Chat GPT, individuals can obtain responses in multiple responses which are meaningful as well as hold relevancy.

  • Customizable 

With the help of Chat GPT, you can obtain data to be tuned according to a variety of data sets. As a result, it ensures that people are able to gain different responses depending on the specific application or industry of their choice. 

  • Using the concept of Machine learning

The core of Chat GPT is the utilisation of the concept of machine learning. With this feature, the users are able to improve their performance, and users continuously can be up to date with the changes that involve the changes around language usage and trends. 

How are the users able to use Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a free-to-use web interface that can be accessed by users. When they visit the website, they will find the website as the landing page. They need to press the link to use Chat GPT.

Post-clicking the link to TRY CHATGPT, you will find the following interface:

You can utilise this interface to find and write relevant queries. With this interface, you will find several forms of queries to be resolved in an adequate manner. 

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Students using Chat GPT

WIth the growth in popularity of Chat GPT has emerged as a choice for a student to solve their assignments. With the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence and language processing, it was now possible for students to obtain answers in a real-time setting that would help them in preparation for exams and thus, students are able to obtain adequate solutions on a short-term basis. 

However, there are concerns about the fact that students may be highly reliant on the services of Chat GPT. As a result, it is likely that students become too dependent on this platform to complete assignments. Although if used positively, it could become an important tool for assessing the overall understanding of the subjects. 

Also, as the machine learning model is a work in progress in the current scenario, it has been shown to provide a high amount of plagiarism in the output it provides.

 The following could be concluded by the following example:

You could find in the above example a student is asking for a scientific article on the topic of gravitation.

However, you will notice that when the AI-generated article goes through a plagiarism test via Turnitin, which is known as one of the most reliable medium for detecting plagiarism showcases that there is a significant amount of plagiarism detected in the article submitted. 

Besides this, there are also several AI detection tools, such as GPT-3 Detector and AI Content Checker, to name a few.  These websites used the concept of natural language processing detection, which analyses the language pattern and learning algorithms that are effective in detecting patterns that usually occur with this form of content.

AI Writing vs Human Writing

Since the introduction of Chat GPT as a tool for writing articles, there has been a lengthy and gruesome debate around whether AI-generated content can be used to write content in an effective manner. Here are some of the aspects that need to be considered while comparing the written content:

  • Creativity

If you compare the content written by humans and AI-generated, you will find a stark difference in terms of creativity. While humans can write content based on intellect and creativity, AI-based content uses it machine learning model and thus lacks the emotional aspect, which is essential to write creative content as a whole.

  • Understanding of context

human writers have a proper understanding of the context, and thus, they can write articles with a personalised touch to suit the needs and requirements of the students. Besides, they could also utilise the aspect of humor and figurative language to ensure that they are able to make the content interesting and relevant for the students.

  • Quality of Writing

Every student who writes an essay has a certain level of originality as well as a quality  based upon writing. If a student writes an article, it could be thought-provoking and generate a sense of curiosity among the reader, whereas when the article is written by AI, the content is usually very objective and thus it lacks the depth and nuance which is an essential component for writing an assignment that generates interest among the readers. 

  • Source of Research 

For almost all of the assignments that the student is expected to write, they are required to also mention the sources with proper references. This approach provides a proper explanation of the methodology of approach that the student utilises while writing an assignment. In contrast, when using this AI writing tool, there is no source of content mentioned, which makes the overall written content very unreliable, to say the least.

ChatGPT: Enhancing or Killing Creativity?

You will find people heavily relying on Chat GPT to fulfil their respective queries. It may seem like a convenient option to obtain answers for different topics but it is important to note that it itself is a tool that would do more harm than good. For instance, the output provided to the users is without any fact-checking, because of which the reliability of the data is in question. Similarly, it is also important to note that students who look for options to complete their assignments won't use their intellectual skills and rely on this platform thus would not work hard for their academic work. 


There is no doubt that Chat GPT is an impressive technological marvel in the field of AI. This tool having more than 1 million users in a record time is clear evidence for it. However, with all these marvels that AI tools have, it also has their fair share of flaws. Therefore for students, it becomes important to use this tool with caution. In this blog, we tried to showcase all the challenges and issues students could face if they use this tool to complete their assignments. 

Students who still wish to complete these assignments with this AI tool need to keep in mind the risks involved, as mentioned above. Therefore similar to a google search chat, GPT should be only considered as a tool that could amplify and provide valuable assistance for research. 

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