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Did you know? In the financial year (2018-2019), Australia brings about $60.8 billion in the tourism GDP. This reflects a growth of 3.5 percent over the last year- faster than the national gross domestic product growth. Also, in the tourism sector, around 666,000 Australians are employed. In regional destinations, 44 cents of the dollar is spent on tourism and ranked as the fourth-largest exporting industry in the world. Want to know more about the tourism sector’s growth? Connect with our experts to provide recent updates concerning the sector in their online sessions.

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We noticed that students face several challenges while composing their TLH119 Global Tourism assessment answers, such as a collection of credible sources, poor understanding of concepts, and many more. We have a team of experts who helped several students compose an assignment solution on TLH119 Global Tourism and solve their queries to get HD grades. Moreover, if you want further information about our services, then take a look at the article.

An Overview Of Global Tourism

The program emphasizes tourism within the economic, social, and cultural environments. It also focuses on the historical overview of the growth of tourism, explains the industry, and its impacts on habitats. Including sustainability principles as they apply to tourism planning and management. Our experts at TLH119 Global Tourism academic assistance can assist you with any queries concerning your assignment.

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Learning Objectives

After the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the condition of tourism for specific regions.
  • In-depth knowledge of the socio-economic and geographical aspects of tourism destinations.
  • Critically discuss the contemporary problems in tourism, planning, tourism impacts, development, and management in the global context and different environments.

Learn more about the impacts of tourism on the natural world and society.

TLH119 Global Toursim assignment help

Universities Offering Global Tourism Course

Here are the universities jolted down by our experts at TLH119 Global Tourism assessment answer assistance

  • Manchester Metropolitan university
  • University of Brighton
  • University of West London
  • University of Northampton
  • University of Surrey
  • University College Birmingham
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire New University

A Sample Solved By The Student Within The Guidance Of Our Experts

Below is the TLH119 Global Tourism assignment sample online received by our experts from one of our students. Students have to provide an overview

of tourism in that specific country in the following question. Let’s take a look at the question.

Question file

tlh119 global tourism assessment answer sample assignment

Answer file

tlh119 global tourism assessment answer sample assignment solution tlh119 global tourism assessment answer sample assignment solutions

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Peer Review on Global Tourism Condition during the Pandemic

The pandemic resulted in the ending of mostly all global travel in the months from January to June. The recovery period will imbricate with international networks to go through the climatic issues. “For the tourism sector to survive in future, it should go for beyond the temptation of adopting methods based on a return to the pre-pandemic normal of the past and instead search to understand how it should respond to the emerging changes of the international economy to carbon neutrality” (Prideaux et al., 2020) Several strategies to deal with the pandemic can also assist in dealing with the climate change, for instance, flattening the curve. Including methods such as circular economy models to wind back greenhouse gas emissions. These strategies will assist the tourism industry in transforming its approach into an environment-friendly one.

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