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This topic will broaden your understanding of the legal background of Australian social work practice as well as how human rights and ethical values govern social work practice. Sharing important information will be built by witnessing real courts or arbitrators and using ethical decision-making frameworks for case studies. Case studies will explore issues of variety and complexity in our society, and assistance will be provided on how to make judgments that are ethical, legal, and professional while also respecting consumers and their rights.

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SWP4LHE assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Students who successfully complete the SWP4LHE Human Rights, Law And Ethics In Social Work Practice course will be able to learn the following, according to our SWP4LHEassessment answers providers:

  • In accordance with the obligations and responsibilities described in the Australian Alliance of Social Service Code of Ethics, use ethical decision-making standards that represent best practice.
  • Explain and differentiate essential concepts, including confidentiality, privacy, mandated reporting, and duty of care, and then apply them in a virtual learning environment.
  • Explain and analyze the human healthcare and equal justice concepts that underpin the ideals and ethics of social work.
  • Describe the fundamental features of the Australian legal system and how they influence social work practice and decision making.
  • Analyze critical aspects of human service organizations from a sociological standpoint, demonstrating an understanding of how power, authority, and larger socio-political discourses influence professional development in social work.
  • Examine how human rights are addressed in social work practice.Using a conceptual framework, they examine the influence of the law on social work practice as well as the role and duties of social work practitioners.
  • Apply an ethical judgement call framework to evaluate case materials.Analyze the influence of conflicts between opposing legal, ethical, and human rights standards on caseworkers and their profession.

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SWP4LHE assessment answers

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Human rights legislation may be defined as norms, laws, or practices that address individuals' basic rights and freedoms. Human rights legislation can take many different forms, such as international norms, area law, sovereign statutes, and judicial judgements.

Human rights are essential to protect and preserve each individual's diversity, allowing each human to live a life filled of esteem and worth as a people being.

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