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Support the Holistic Development of Children in Early Childhood Assessment Help

The term holistic is etymologically derived from the root word whole and holistic development cues at a wholesome development encompassing all aspects of personal, mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive abilities in a person or a child. The experts on the holistic development of children suggest that the age up till about eight years is where a child learns the fastest. This is because the learning process during the initial eight years happens under subconscious programming. This means that the information presented to the child is readily downloaded by their subconscious brain and becomes instilled in them through which they lead the rest of their lives, and this is why we need to support the holistic development of children in early childhood.

support the holistic development of children in early childhood

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support the holistic development of children in early childhood

Key Concepts From The Vaults Of Our Holistic Development Assignment Writing Service

1. Physical Development

This is the topmost fundamental aspect of holistic development in children. Ensuring that the physical body of the child is growing healthily is the crux of this aspect. Let’s see how we can achieve this:

  • Gross Motor Development is the area that ensures normal and healthy physiology of the musculature of the child. The best ways to achieve this are through running, jumping, dancing, climbing, aerobics, and any activity that involves a lot of movement of the body and not just a sedentary lifestyle dependent on mobile phones or tablets.
  • Fine Motor Development is the aspect that takes care of the coordination of hands and fingers for doing meticulous tasks such as writing, tying the shoelaces, etc. This has to be taught to a child with patience and understanding their unique way of grasping new skills that involve hand-eye coordination, for instance, and eventually making the child independent and confident in performing daily activities.
  • Sensory Motor Development is another dimension of physical development that ensures healthy learning of the use of sensory faculties such as touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. This is a highly perceptive domain of functioning, and the children become more receptive as they are given more exposure throughout their developmental process.

2. Intellectual Development

In this dimension of growth and development, children learn how to think and perceive the inputs they receive from their external environment. The human brain is essentially divided into two hemispheres, and both of them represent different skills and abilities associated with them.

support the holistic development of children in early childhood support the holistic development of children in early childhood

For a child to be highly receptive, parents can ensure both left-handed and right-handed activities to develop a brain that has both hemispheres involved in active and dynamic working. Linguistic learning is also included in this area of development. So, replacing a child’s screen time with interactive activities can be of tremendous help to support the holistic development of children in early childhood.

3. Emotional Development

The emotional development of a child goes in tandem with the social skills development that the child uses to interact with other people during their adolescent and adult life. This is why holistic emotional development is of utmost importance in the bringing up of a child—allowing children to express their emotions freely, including anger or resentment, to encourage a healthy emotional attitude in children from early on.

4. Moral Development

This area deals with the scrupulous aspect - teaching children what is right and wrong, morally. Be it behavioural or any other social facet, teaching the children the importance of having principles and morals also plays a key role in their all-around holistic development. Teaching them about good and bad habits, hygiene, respecting other people, helping others are some of the points around which this developmental learning approach revolves.

5. Spiritual Development

Children often tend to ask spiritual questions from a young age, and addressing and answering these questions is imperative on the parents’ and elders’ part. It is also suggested that spirituality (not necessarily religion) is inculcated in children at a young age to ensure the myriads of virtues that are developed as a result of it - like being grounded, humble, and inquisitive about the nature of life.

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