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The building sector is one of the fastest-growing businesses. It has reached the highest level of work in infrastructure projects thanks to contemporary technologies and tactics. There are several important units of study for the construction sector, and it is common for students to look for the unit SRQ745 assessment answers.

The legal, social, professional, and economic requirements for founding and running a construction enterprise are examined in the unit SRQ745. Students will explore numerous cutting-edge construction management strategies throughout a company's life cycle. The corporate management of a construction company will be the main focus, and issues like ethics, strategy, finances, risks, and decision-making will be covered.

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SRQ745 assessment answers

Managing a Construction Company

It needs an understanding of standard business procedures, accounting principles, local economic situations, and building process experience to manage a construction company successfully. Construction firms will have customers as long as people keep opening new businesses, renovating old homes, and buying new residences.

One of the most challenging company sectors to run is the construction industry. The manager and owner may be the same in small construction firms. However, bigger businesses are more likely to employ one or more managers who report to the owner or a board of directors.

SRQ745 Assessment Answers

Types of Constructions

The construction business is made up of many different goods and market groups. Some owners might only sometimes purchase a built facility and focus on immediate benefits. However, many owners must buy new facilities or renovate their current ones periodically. They stand to gain if the building sector remains robust and productive. Owners may create incentives or barriers to innovation, efficiency, and high-quality building through their actions, giving them more power than they believe to affect the construction sector. The owners' active involvement in the building process and constructive influence over the industry's performance are in the best interests of all stakeholders.

Four main groups, each with distinct traits, may be used to group the wide range of developed facilities -

1.Residential Housing Construction

The construction of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and high-rise apartments all fall under residential housing. The construction industry-experienced developers or sponsors in charge of such projects typically function as surrogate owners, negotiating the relevant contracts for design and construction as well as setting up financing and selling the finished constructions. Tax regulations, monetary and fiscal policies of the government, and general economic conditions significantly impact the residential property market.

2.Institutional and Commercial Building Construction

There are many different project sizes and types that fall under the category of institutional and commercial building construction, including those for colleges and universities, hospitals and clinics, sports arenas and malls, chain stores and big-box stores, light manufacturing facilities and warehouses, office and hotel skyscrapers, as well as hospitals and clinics. The proprietors of these buildings could or might not be acquainted with the practises employed in the construction industry. Nevertheless, they are frequently in a position to select trustworthy experts as counsellors and establish their own plans for financing the built-in amenities. Because institutional and commercial constructions are more expensive and complicated than residential homes, fewer businesses compete in this sector.

As a result, the owners can run into an oligopoly of rival general contractors. In an oligopoly environment with few competitors, a firm's service pricing may be somewhat influenced by its competitive strategies in the local market.

3.Specialized Industrial Construction

Large-scale, technologically challenging projects under specialised industrial buildings include steel mills, chemical processing plants, coal or nuclear power plants, and oil refineries. Owners typically participate in developing a project and want to work with designers-builders to hasten the project's completion. Although the state of the economy affects when these projects begin, long-term demand forecasting is the most important factor since large projects require a lot of cash and take a long time to plan and construct.

4.Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

Heavy construction projects and infrastructure include roads, subway systems, tunnels, bridges, pipelines, drainage systems, and sewage treatment plants. Bonds or taxes support these projects since the government owns most of them. Engineers and builders are frequently extremely specialised since each market sector requires a particular skill level. The market for heavy infrastructure and construction may see a change in demand as some segments reach saturation.

SRQ745 assessment answers

Components of Company Management

It needs an understanding of standard business procedures, accounting principles, local economic situations, and building process experience to manage a construction company successfully.

1.Management of the workers

The reputation of a business depends on the quality of the final product. Most construction employees learn their crafts, including carpenters, form setters, roofers, and tapers. Establishing a top-notch training programme is an investment in long-term success since it is not always desired or even possible to pull skilled artisans away from their existing jobs.

2.Taking care of the business side of the operation

To guarantee that the owners and employees are paid on time and that the Internal Revenue Service receives its fair part of the profits, a successful construction firm must compete favourably with other businesses and effectively manage its financial resources. Even the smallest construction firm employs someone to operate the office, handle communications, and do bookkeeping duties. The construction manager can dedicate more time to bidding, customer and employee engagement, and job site activities by outsourcing business chores.

3.Financial management

Most construction firms and their clients find it necessary to obtain outside finance since construction is expensive. Examples are getting money to buy tools, cars, and equipment, building houses, and buying supplies. Before applying for construction loans or venture capital, an owner or general construction manager should be able to create a business plan that forecasts both short- and long-term operational expenses and earnings.

4.Managing the company structure

Successful managers lead teams and oversee field staff by thoroughly understanding the building process. Usually, this entails designating a manager-reporting supervisor or foreman. Many crew supervisors may be employed by large construction organisations who work in tandem with a project manager and a general manager. No matter how big or small the business, having a functional structure that establishes a clear command line will make it run more smoothly.

5.Dealing with the clients

A satisfied customer is the lifeblood of a construction company. An efficient manager understands how to deal with challenging circumstances and preserve client happiness. Communication abilities are essential for effective management. An effective manager will offer suggestions to clients on their options, address concerns, serve as a point of contact for clients, distributors, retailers, and subcontractors, and handle urgent situations.

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