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Do you have a passion for contributing to your economy by reducing the impact of social inequality? But just confused about where to get a social inequality degree and what career to pursue afterwards? Let's discuss. Inequality is a result of differences in opportunity, effort, luck and ability. Social inequality is an area within sociology focusing on the distribution of goods (education, employment, income, economic status etc.) and social burdens (unemployment, criminality, marginalisation etc.) in society. The key factors contributing to poverty and inequality are unemployment or low paid jobs, gender, low level of education and skills, type and size of the family, ill-health or disability, living in a remote or disadvantaged community where the access to necessary services is worse. Moreover, poverty is a consequence of how the resources (financial, access to education, housing, health and social services, and cultural services) are allocated and the society is organised. Universities around the globe offer courses on Social inequality like Oxford University Press, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Harvard University etc.

Social Inequality assignment help

While moving ahead, being the best social inequality assignment helper, we offer you deeper insights into social inequality.

social inequality assignment help

Universities for Social Inequality and Health in Australia

Check out some universities offering social inequality courses in Australia:

  1. The Australian National University – SOCY2055 Social Inequality in Comparative Perspective and SOCY6045 Social inequalities and development
  2. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) - PHCM9626 Inequalities and health
  3. Curtin University – Social Inequality: Possibilities for change
  4. The University of Queensland – SOCY1070 Inequality, Society and the self
  5. The University of Melbourne - Sociology, social policy, and social theory
  6. Charles Sturt University – SOC102 Social Inequality
  7. Macquarie University – SOC223 Social Inequality and Social Policy
  8. University of New England – SOCY360 Power, Inequality and Social Mobility
  9. University of Sydney - Social Policy
  10. University of Canberra - MJ0106 Major in Sociology and social policy
  11. University of Tasmania - HGA343 Globalisation and Society: Power, inequality and conflict
  12. The University of Newcastle - EPHUMA310 Social Enquiry

Solution on Social Inequality Assignment: Topics Covered

Look at the number of topics covered under Social Inequality on which our team of subject matter experts work effortlessly.

  • Socio-biology
  • The family and social class
  • Gender, age, health, race and ethnicity inequality
  • Regional inequalities
  • Social mobility
  • Income and wealth distribution
  • Poverty and Unemployment
  • Welfare state regimes
  • Inequality and the electronic divide
  • Consumption and lifestyle
  • Sociological approaches
  • Cities, regions, and globalisation
  • Economic growth and inequality etc.

Working on these topics is not easy, but our experts make it easy.

Learning Outcomes

Every course is designed to achieve an outcome. Learning outcomes prevalent in all the Australian Universities have been provided below for your better understanding. Social inequality homework help provide answers consistent with these objectives.

  • Concept of inequality and its relationship with social segregation, stratification, relative poverty, exclusion and vulnerability
  • Comparative analysis of aspects of social inequality
  • Critical analysis conceptual and policy approaches to inequality
  • Comparison of social inequality issues in a local and global context
  • Critical evaluation of current social movements, policies, and theories for interpreting issues in social inequality
  • A systematic review of empirical studies on non-material and material aspects of social inequality
  • Application of theories on social inequality to current social issues
  • The political, cultural and material basis of inequality
  • Use of information to analyse and investigate case studies concerning sociological theory
  • Inequality in daily life
  • Construction and Communication of social logical arguments for analysing and explaining social inequalities
  • Application of sociology skills to real-world problems and injustices like discrimination, racism, gender, and income inequality in Australia and globally
  • Understanding how social structure identity and power work to create challenges of social inequality by applying the sociological imagination
  • Analysing the impact of social roles, social inequality and class on people's lives
  • Use of appropriate referencing styles

Inequality and Poverty Assignment Help Highlights What Different Authors Say

In prehistoric societies, understanding and uncovering the system behind social inequality is a major challenge (Mittnik et al., 2019). Political and social equality is fostered by equitable inheritance customs (Hanger & Hilbig, 2019). It was revealed that school lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic could potentially worsen or reinforce social inequality in the educational sector (Dietrich, Patzina & Lerche, 2020). Moreover, upon investigating the association between the COVID-19 fatality rate and social inequality in Northeast Brazil, it was revealed that the mortality rate in the neighbourhood increased with higher social inequality (Martins-Filho et al., 2020). Various other researches focus on gender, ethnic background, education, income, social background, class status, and social inequality. Additionally, technological changes, globalisation, and changes in redistribution and fashion policy are the causes of growing inequalities (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

social inequality assignment help

Career Opportunities

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth of employment opportunities from 2020 to 2030 in Sociology is 5 per cent. Some of the career pathways have been mentioned below for your reference.

  1. Sociologist
  2. Researcher
  3. Anthropologist
  4. Government policy officer
  5. Information specialist
  6. Social worker, youth worker, Equality and Diversity officer
  7. Policy analyst
  8. Counsellor
  9. Marketing and Communications specialist
  10. Political activist

Social Inequality Assignment Sample Online

Our team of subject-matter experts, knowing all the sub-areas covered under the concept of social inequality, have provided excellent solutions for all the assigned tasks. Please find below a sample of social inequality assignments online recently worked upon by the student and our team of assignment experts.

social inequality assignment help sample assignment social inequality assignment help sample assignments

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