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Psychopathology has been one of the highest demanding subjects in the world. It is all about the study of human behaviour. This course includes the analysis of the unconscious and conscious mind, including thoughts and feelings. It is all about the academic discipline of a great scope that crosses boundaries between social and natural science. While taking this course, if you are unable to write the assignment, you can book us for the best PSYC30014 assessment answers.

Now we will know about the psychopathology of everyday lifestyle.

The subject mainly covers several types of aspects like delusion, hallucination, depression, anxiety, dissociation, somatization, cognition and changes in memory. It also helps them to place themselves in the right context of daily experience. This course also elaborates on several process factors and the mechanisms that help to lead many people who can experience such aspects to develop a proper disorder. That theoretical aspect of the model helps to provide the students to consider mental health problems from the perspective of a human and compare it to the categorical and traditional models.

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PSYC30014 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

After completion of this topic, students can ascertain the below-mentioned outcomes:

  1. Knowledge
  2. After completing this course, students will gain proper knowledge on:

    • Seminal practical findings,
    • Well-known theoretical models,
    • Diagnostic measures,
    • Psychotic disorders,
    • Several non-clinical incidents connecting to vast areas of psychopathology; these are not limited to anxiety disorders,
    • eating disorders,
    • Mood disorders
    • Dissociative & somatoform disorders, as well as trauma-related disorders.
    • Theoretical & methodological strategies to psychopathology that includes an unconditional prototype of category diagnosis, as well as an alternative strategy,
    • conceptualization of phenomenons that lie on continuation with 'normal' experience staying at the end of the psychiatric and continuum disease in the opposite direction.
    • Empirical findings and the core theoretical models regarding stigma about the cognitive ailment.
    • Key cross-cultural reflections in the reflection of psychopathology.
    • Theoretical strategies influential practical conclusions related to psychological distress wellbeing.
  3. Aptitudes
  4. After completing this course, students will develop proper skills in several sectors like:

    • Sensitive respectful conversation and controversy on different psychopathology issues.
    • logical reasoning,
    • argument formation,
    • Critical examination of significant hypotheses practical literature in various areas of psychopathology.
PSYC30014 Assessment Answers

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University of Melbourne


PSYC30014 Psychopathology of Everyday Life


University of Sydney

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PSYCHOLOGY The branch of psychology


The University of Queensland

38,000 - 52,000

Diploma in Positive Psychology


Australian National University


Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)


The University of Western Australia


Bachelor of Arts - Psychology [Major]


Macquarie University


Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science


University of Newcastle


Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)


Western Sydney University


PSYC30014 Psychopathology of Everyday Life


Monash University




Flinders University


Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

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Check Out the List of Job Profiles Compensations Students Might Expect while Completing this Course in Australia-

Job Profile

Annual Salary (in AUD)

Clinical Psychologist

90,000 - 110,000

Counselling Psychologist




Professor Psychology


Paramedical Psychologist


Child health and care centre Manager


Study Materials Required to Complete the Assessments in this Area-

The experts have recommended the following study materials to gain in-depth knowledge and complete the assessments easily.

  • On pages 125 and 126 of Freud (1989) by Peter Gay.
  • Quoted in Adam Peters, On Flirtation (1994) page 10; Peter Gay, Reading Sigmund (1990) page 76; Sigmund Freud,
  • On Sexual identity (PFL 7) page 23; Peter Gay, Freud (1989) page 126; Ernest Jones, The Life and Career of Sigmund Freud (1964) page 315;
  • Adam Phillips, On Flirting (1994) page 11; Peter Gay, Freud (1989) page 465
  • The Psychopathy of Everyday Life, Spss Version, Volume VI, Pages 240 and 241 by S. Freud
  • Adam Phillips, "On Flirtation," published in 1994, page 10; A. Kukla and J. Walmsley, "Mind," published in 2006, page 186; Peter Gay, "Freud," published in 1989, page 209

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PSYC30014 assessment answers

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The significant belief of Freud's technique is that psychopathology—is the word that, for Freud, covers a vastly wider region than the recent significance of mental illness. It is not specified to the neurotics but exemplifies itself in apparently innocent & pointless daily circumstances such as errors in reading and slips of the tongue.

The four primary models describe several types of psychological abnormalities that are the behavioural, biological, cognitive, & psychodynamic standards. These all attempt to illustrate the reasons and therapies for all psychological ailments, and these build several approaches.

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