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Clarify Your Doubts For Multiple Regression Analysis Using SPSS

Multiple regression analysis is like the extended version of simple linear regression. It enables us to predict the value of a variable based on the values of two or more variables. The variables that we are using to analyse and predict the resulting variable are called independent variables, while the variable being predicted is generally called the dependent variable.

multiple regression analysis using spss

For example, Multiple regression methods can be used to predict the dependent variable of the range in which a student will receive marks on his exam based on the analysis of the independent variables like time spent in studying, lecture attendance, knowledge of the subject, performance anxiety, etc. 

SPSS is a software package that is used to perform different statistical functions and analyses. The most efficient way to calculate the multiple regression analysis is through using SPSS. However, conducting multiple regression analysis using SPSS is also quite complicated and requires an in-depth understanding of the software and the concepts being applied. As a result, students often look for multiple regression assignment helpers and multiple regression assignment writing services, and especially for multiple regression assignment experts in Australia. We provide you with all forms of assignment help online and custom assignment help related to your multiple regression analysis.

multiple regression analysis using spss

Why Study Multiple Regression Analysis? A Word From Multiple Regression Assignment Writing Services

Multiple regression analysis using SPSS is a statistical analysis technique used in many forms of research in subjects like science, statistics, psychology, business analytics, etc. The major advantage of using multiple regression analysis SPSS is that it allows us to understand and reach conclusions about the relationships between multiple variables in the dataset. It helps in understanding the correlations between multiple independent variables and dependent variables.

A separate course on Applied Multiple Regression Analysis is often taught in many Australian universities.  According to David Gow who is a consultant in social science research methods and who is also a professor in the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc. for 30 years, the main focus of this course on multiple regression is applying the concepts of regression to practically address the problems of methodological, statistical and data that is seen in the social sciences.

multiple regression analysis using spss multiple regression analysis using spss

Assumptions To Check For Doing Multiple Regression Analysis- Tips From Multiple Regression Assignment Helpers

Whenever you try to analyse your data through multiple regression, you need to make sure and check whether your data can be verified through this method. This involves checking for 8 assumptions. Only if your data meets the majority of these assumptions, can you go ahead with this method of multiple regression analysis. According to Multiple Regression Assignment Experts in Australia, these assumptions are:

  • The dependent variable should be measured on a continuous scale which means it should be an interval or ratio variable.
  • There should be two or more independent variables.
  • There should be an independence of the variables, which can be checked through using Durbin-Watson statistics.
  • There should be an existence of a linear relationship between the independent and dependent variables independently as well as collectively.
  • The data should be showing homoscedasticity.
  • The data must show multicollinearity, which indicates the existence of correlation between the independent variables.
  • Ideally, there should be an absence of significant outliers.
  • The residuals (errors) should be approximately normally distributed.
spss multiple regression roadmap

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Sample Questions Solved By Our Multiple Regression Writing Services

As the number of students studying statistics and research methodologies increase, professors give more complicated and complex assignments to students to better hone their skills and enhance their knowledge. However, the assignments are sometimes too complex for the students to solve. An example of two questions that we recently received from students seeking multiple regression assignment help online are given below:


multiple regression analysis using spss sample assignment task multiple regression analysis using spss sample services

Question 2:

multiple regression analysis using spss sample assignment question online multiple regression analysis using spss sample assignment question

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Students often face problems when it comes to doing assignments on multiple regression analysis using SPSS. Understanding and doing an assignment on multiple regression analysis is indeed very strenuous and stressful. It requires an immense understanding of the theory and methodology, patience, time, effort and reasoning skills to do an assignment on multiple regression analysis. Moreover, many students work various jobs to support themselves through college and hence may not be able to find the time to complete their work on time. In such cases, they can take our services for all forms of custom assignment help.

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