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The goal of the unit MLL325 is to acquaint students with the legal framework surrounding establishing and transferring land rights and interests. It is intended to give a solid foundation in the Victoria-specific statutory registration procedures. The definition of land and the scope of ownership, legal and equitable interests, legal and equitable remedies, buying and selling real estate, the Deeds Registration system and general land law priorities, the Torrens system of land registration and electronic conveyancing, indefeasibility of title, statutory and non-statutory exceptions to indefeasibility of title, conflicts involving unregistered interests, paramount interests, assurance funds, and concurrent owners are among the topics covered. A diploma in law is a major field of study at present. Hence, students often look for the unit MLL325 assessment answers online.

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MLL325 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes

These are the learning outcomes of this unit suggested by our experts -

  1. Apply your analysis of the common law and legislative frameworks for establishing and transferring ownership and other interests in land to real-world circumstances.
  2. Analyse and put into practice the impact of many landowners by settling priority issues involving conflicting interests in the area.
  3. Find and properly cite primary and secondary literature on current Land Law issues.

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MLL325 Assessment Answers

What is Land Law?

Land law's primary concerns are the availability and usage of land. It seeks to facilitate landowners' use of their land or control over how others use it; this association may result in 'interests' in the land. This lesson will look at the many stakes that a person may have in property as well as how the law employs legislation, common law, and equity to resolve conflicts.

Land law, which affects many elements of daily life, defines what constitutes property and what is land, who is authorised to use a piece of land, who may access it, who has access rights as a tenant, and what you may do with your land. Land law ultimately aims to define the stakes in the property and, accordingly, the permitted uses of the land. These interests will be affected by whether or not the land is registered.

The following less evident types of interest can also exist aside from ownership of a land interest -

  • Significant and auxiliary interests
  • the interests of equity
  • Covenants
  • Licenses Lease agreements.

Primary rights to land

Any rights you may have about a plot of land are considered land rights. These could include -

  • Right to inherit,
  • Right to use,
  • Right to occupy and reside, and
  • Right to own land.

The Primary Classification of Land Types

Land can be primarily classified into the following categories -

  1. Coastal Lands - Large inland lakes and other locations that serve as an interface or transition between land and water are considered coastal environments. Numerous ways in which climate change is already having an influence on coastal communities and will continue to do so. Sea level rise, variations in storm frequency and severity, increases in precipitation, and rising ocean temperatures all have an impact on coasts.
  2. Designated spaces - There are many different types of designated regions, but they are all recognised through similar procedures and for comparable goals. The National Landscape Conservation System, commonly known as the Bureau of Land Management's National Conservation Lands, encompasses over 870 designated regions that cover around 30 million acres of public lands nationally.
  3. Forest areas - These include lands with trees or other types of woody vegetation growing on them. These forests offer several services and advantages, such as leisure, clean air and water, habitat for wildlife, carbon sequestration, and a range of forest products.
  4. Deserts, shrublands, savannas, and grasslands - Grasslands, often referred to as prairies, steppes, or savannas, have naturally predominate grass flora and are generally found in regions with sufficient rainfall to allow the establishment of a forest but not enough to create a desert. Small levels of moisture are a characteristic feature of desert biomes.
  5. Urban areas - Urban open spaces can have a variety of sceneries, including sports fields, well-kept habitats, and somewhat natural settings. Urban open spaces may be effectively protected because of their conservation status, while unprotected places may be particularly vulnerable due to development pressure. Due to their high population density, metropolitan regions can embrace "smart growth" to combine the need for expansion with significant ecological, economic, and social advantages.
  6. Land providing Water resources - Water resources include both natural systems that depend on water for their existence, such as seeps and springs, rivers, lakes, aquifers, and seas. They also include water sources that are beneficial or potentially valuable for people.
  7. Agricultural working lands - Usually used interchangeably with farmland or cropland, agricultural land is used to cultivate crops and raise livestock to provide food and related products.
  8. Working Land for Aquaculture - Aquaculture is the practice of growing, raising, and harvesting plants and animals in many aquatic habitats.
  9. Forest working lands - Working woods often indicate areas where forest products are collected. Management for ecosystem services is becoming more popular in the conservation field.
MLL325 assessment answers

Types of Land Use according to Land Law

The seven distinct forms of land use Types of land use in land law Content are -

  1. Land used for Construction - household, business, etc.
  2. Land use for Agriculture - Rice fields, deserts, orchards, betel fields, etc.
  3. Forest area - This is further classified into two categories -

Developed - The cutting area, the field of bamboo, etc.

Natural - forest types include broadleaf, conifer, shrub, collapse site, wasteland, etc.

  1. Land used for tourism purposes - Vacation resorts, forest tourist areas, etc.
  2. Other uses in production - Other non-commercial, non-agro or non-residential areas like deserts or snow-covered mountains.

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MLL325 Assignment Sample Online

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MLL325 Assessment Answers 2

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