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Do you know the average salary of a marketing manager in Australia is around $108,470 per year or $55.63 per hour? The fresher’s also get around $90,000 per year, isn't it awesome? If you also want to get such a handsome salary at the end of every month, then this course is best for you.

The course has been designed to incorporate and enhance marketing skills in the students. It is critical in competitive company situations to develop and manage greater customer value offerings. Managing a company's marketing offering is critical to market success. To achieve that practitioners must possess a set of abilities and be able to use a variety of tools to target and serve the demands of their customers.  

This course instructs students to identify target markets, design a product mix, offer value to target markets via a communication mix, identify distribution channels, and build a price mix. Students are taught how to define goals, recognize difficulties, find and identify alternatives, execute the best decisions, etc.


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What Are The Learning Outcomes Of This Course?

Our MKTG2008 Marketing Management assignment help experts say the course helps the students in multiple ways. It can enhance your theoretical as well as practical skills.  After completing the course, you can also gain some soft skills that will help you to cope up with the professional and office environment. Without wasting time, let’s take a gander at the learning outcomes added here -

  • Understand, evaluate and identify various marketing concepts as an individual and a group
  • Identify and analyze the marketing management problems
  • Understanding and identifying the diverse audience and making market recommendations
  • Awareness of current market situations and current marketing practices
  • Comprehend various types of marketing theories and their roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding of multiple marketing functions and strategies
  • Application of marketing practice and theory under multiple situations

Here are some soft skills that you are going to have after completing the course -

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to solve organizational problems
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Enhancement of communication skills
  • Research skills
  • Teamwork skills or team management
  • Professional development and so on.

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mktg2008 marketing management assessment answer

List Of Top Universities For Marketing Management Course In Australia

Numerous universities in Australia offer the best marketing management course, but not all of them are best for you. Therefore, our MKTG2008 Marketing Management academic assistance has come up with a list of the best universities; take a look into it -

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  • Monash University
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Griffith University
  • University of South Australia (UniSa)
  • Western Sydney University
  • Kaplan Business School (KBS)

These are the most famous and top-ranked universities. If you want to know more about this, our experts are the best option for you. You can reach us anytime as we work around the clock to help and assist you.

mktg2008 marketing management assessment answer

What Topics Are Covered Under The MKTG2008 Marketing Management Course?

Our Marketing Management Reports Assignment Help experts say that the course covers multiple subjects and topics. It is very interesting where you can understand how marketing works. Take a look at what are you going to read in this course -

  • Overview of marketing
  • Concepts of marketing
  • Branding
  • Concept of marketing management
  • Importance of marketing management 
  • History of marketing
  • Theories of marketing management
  • Marketing environment
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Organisational buyer behaviour
  • Product development
  • Product pricing
  • Product promotion
  • Product distribution
  • Product innovation and the life-cycle approach.
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

These are the most common topics you will encounter during the course. If you ace any issues with the topics mentioned above, we are right here to help you out. Sample Assignment will surely provide you with the best Marketing Assignment Help in Australia.

Best Books To Complete Your Marketing Management Course Effectively

We know that this course is very tricky, and you need to have a list of books that can help you understand the topics and concepts of marketing management. There are numerous books on the internet, but not all are good and recommendable. Therefore our  MKTG2008 Marketing Management assessment answer providers have added here some book references for you; take a quick look at the names added here -

  • Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
  • Marketing Insights from A to Z: 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know by Philip Kotler
  • Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler
  • Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors by Michael E. Porter
  • Global Business Strategy: A Systems Approach by Asterios G. Kefalas

Strategy, Policy, & Central Management by William Herman Newman

  • Strategic Marketing Management by Paul Fifield
  • Kotler, P. and G. Armstrong. Principles of marketing. (Harlow: Pearson, 2017) seventeenth global edition [ISBN 9780273752431].

Refer to these books to get the best answers to all your questions and doubts. These are regarded as the most famous and recommended books by various authors and professors.

Sample Assignments Done Under The Guidance Of Our Experts

It has been so long we are helping and assisting the students with their academic issues and difficulties. If you need assignment help, then we are going to be your helping hand for sure. We can also offer you an MKTG2008 Marketing Management assignment sample online that can you guide you to know the process and format of making the assignment within a short period. Here we have added a snapshot of the assignment complete under the guidance of our expert team. Take a quick look at the snapshots -

mktg2008 marketing management assessment answers sample assignment mktg2008 marketing management assessment answer sample assignments

Benefits Of Taking Assignment Help From Sample Assignment

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Hutt, M. D., & Speh, T. W. (2021). Business marketing management: B2B. South-Western, Cengage Learning.

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