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Revenue management helps to predict the consumer aspects for selling the exact product at the best rate each day. Thus, such a definition of the management of hotel revenue is simple: selling that exact room to all the true clients at the exact moment at the highest cost on their appropriate distribution channel with the great commission properly. Occasionally revenue management is named yield management, but such phrases are not substitutable.

The revenue management is also interpreted by corresponding factors, which are

  • Demand forecasting,
  • Pricing
  • Customer segmentation,
  • Yield management,
  • Inventory management.

All play an important part vastly affect the absolute economic outcome of a hotel, and there are few queries and aspects that students need to know more about.

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MIHM203 assessment answers

Hotel Revenue Management Elements Strategies

The Revenue management elements don't contain a space. They accompany each other feature a general technique that serves as the purpose for rates, distribution, policies, and marketing activities.

  • Buyer segmentation
  • Customer segmentation is an essential aspect of both marketing and selling because it enables you to define various groups of tourists that stay at your hotel and respond to each of these groups in a different way. For instance, business travellers have a different set of requirements and preferences than trekkers on a tight budget. As a result, it is imperative that you know the customer and be prepared with offers that are adapted to each category of traveller.

    However, there are many more possible groups that you would wish to identify and advertise to than just "business versus leisure." You can choose to market to any of these categories. Some typical segmentation criteria are -

    • Several types of demographic characteristics (age, marital status, gender, etc.),
    • The purpose of a trip (business, family vacation, sports or entertainment event, wedding, etc.),
    • Staying period,
    • the status of the traveller (new, regular, returning),
    • Every type of booking channel (walk-in, direct, through an OTA), so on.

    Every consumer organization gives chances to increase extra revenue if you do it properly. For instance, you can request rebates from loyal consumers, build tour packages for your family, or intervene in prices with firms that get several business outings.

    Additional analysis may enable you to find significant trends in consumer attitudes. You should learn that some consumer organizations get an increased rate of no-shows and cancellations, so it is right to focus on the marketing endeavors on other components. Here, the procedure that can enable foreseeing such disturbances is demand forecasting.

  • Demand forecasting
  • The demand from customers is never constant. It varies depending on a number of different circumstances, such as the season, crucial events taking place in the area, or even the general state of the economy. The process of analysing data pertaining to past demand and also information pertaining to current and upcoming events across all of the client groups are known as demand forecasting. Established on such a database, you will be able to predict when the market will rise or diminish expand the exact pricing, trade, distribution strategy.

MIHM203 Assessment Answers

Top Universities In Australia Offering International Hotel Revenue System Course

These are the top universities offering a degree in the International Hotel revenue system course:

  • University of Sydney - MIHM203 International Hotel revenue system
  • Swinburne University - MHI204 Hotel management course
  • Deakin University - Hotel Management System with Dynamic Pricing
  • University of Queensland - MIHM203 International Hotel revenue system
  • Australian Pacific College - Hotel revenue management system

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MIHM203 assessment answers

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If you have a huge interest in hotel revenues and the systems and want to have a future in it, then this course is only for you. Also, you can learn about the facts, theories, and importance of hotel revenues in several industries.

Yes. Of course. The aim of yield management is to identify every type of customer behavior and then fix the price for selling the rooms with their maximum profit. Such a concept also appeared earlier compared to the revenue concept. The revenue management is mainly focused on the entire revenue business. It includes spending and salary revenues. The yield management mainly focuses on the sales and price volumes.

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