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What is a Law Memo?

A law memo is a legal and comprehensive document that documents the results of one's legal research. It aims to summarize and analyze the relevant law to apply it to a particular situation Law memo encompasses the strengths and weakness of an argument, discussion or a situation. These are the documents exchanged by both the parties during the time of conflicts, mergers, compromises or meetings.

Law memo writing help suggests that Law memos talk about the legal issues raised by the client's questions. Memos require deep knowledge of the subjects to substantiate and summarize arguments in support of a client. Law memos are written in a way that they highlight the strengths and puts the weaknesses on the backfoot.

Tips From our Law Memo Writing Help Expert:

Writing a legal memo depends on some factors such as the purpose of the memo, reader's needs, nature of the problems, findings, logic behind the subject, research and approach.

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According to our law memo writing services, a good Law memo always depends on the quality of research and reference material. Rigorous research should be done before writing a memo. In a legal memo, the following sections should always be included:

  • Heading
  • Legal issue statement
  • Answer to the issue
  • Stating the facts
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

Heading: This displays the identity of the author, recipients of the memo, date, details about the client and subject related to the memo. There are generally multiple legal memos connected to the case, therefore it is recommended to number the headings. A brief statement is included with a clear explanation of facts to support the answer.

Table of content: This is helpful to the reader as it provides the breakdown of the structured argument and provides thorough analysis to the clients in a coherent and concise format.

Statement of facts: clients information is covered in an objective manner. The facts are prepared and researched to be relevant for the memo. Readers read the facts and information of the client to prevent any confusion as the same information is reciprocated. To state the facts in the right order diagram, charts and tables are used. Information is written in chronological order to have a better understanding of the work. To make information logical and clear different approaches are used. If uncertainty is shown by the facts, then both sides solicit explanations. While formatting, facts can be placed before or after the discussed issue.

Answer: Answers are not supposed to be indirect, indecisive or inconclusive. All questions are to be answered directly. Phrases like "it would appear that" and "it seems that" are equivocal language styles and are not used in the answer.

Assumptions: Assumptions are made when questions remain unanswered. Different sections and questions can be formed to write assumptions such as instead of writing statements of facts "facts and assumptions" can be written.

Legal Issue: This section is a one-line statement defining the legal facts and questions. To have more effect, legal issues are supposed to be descriptive. If there are many issues, then all are supposed to be listed in proper order and needs to be gradually discussed. Legal issues are to be written in a simple, brief, precise and accurate manner. Important issues are to be followed by all the other issues and sub-issues in a systematic manner.

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Discussion: legal issues are discussed in two ways, IRAC and CIRAC. IRAC is a general format that stands for Issue/Rule/Analysis/Conclusion. CIRAC, on the other hand, stands for Conclusion/Issue/Rule/Analysis/Conclusion. CIRAC is a frequently used format as it provides a clear structure of the readers. This section describes the law which is applied to the case where pros and cons are used as the strategy.

Conclusion: statement of fact can be used as a conclusion or it can be created which will be the summary of the memo. Conclusion should include legal analysis's brief outline.

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Our experts have provided with few tips to write a great memo

  • Write important information in limited space
  • "Why's" are not to be emphasised
  • Bringing it to a conclusion

Apart from lawyers and attorneys, there are many other categories according to our Law memo writing help who may require legal memos:

  • Social worker;
  • Caseworker;
  • Legal assistants;
  • Law clerks;
  • Legal secretaries;
  • HR specialists;
  • Insurers;
  • And many others.

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A sample of Legal memo provided by Law memo writing help is as follows:

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