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This course investigates how enterprise systems may be designed and integrated into organizations to simplify Supply Chain Management (SCM) operations, processes, and deployment. An overview of important supply chain management systems, global sourcing, and design supply chain management are examples of such topics. Understanding Cultural Issues and Supply Chain Collaboration evaluating various SCM theories, controlling international supply chain risks, corporate citizenship, and the environment, and presenting via an Enterprise Systems perspective allows the full advantages of SCM to be fleshed out and proven to students within a practical and suitable context.

The increased focus in this course is on students' understanding of the critical role that enterprise resource planning systems play in fostering operations and supply chain management, as well as the implications for organizations both organizationally, technically, and smartly, as well as the need for critical comparisons between supply chain management and other business applications using ERP game-based learning.

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ITECH 7413 Assessment Answers

Topics Covered ITECH 7413 Supply Chain Operations and Management Course:

According to ITECH 7413 Supply Chain Operations and Management assignment help professionals, the ITECH 7413 Supply Chain Operations and Management course presents features of information systems from a business viewpoint. It contains the following items:

  • Operations and processes.
  • Global sourcing and design supply chain management.
  • Organizational and managerial issues in logistics and supply chain.
  • Analyzing different SCM theories, managing global supply chain risks.
  • Procurement and SCM.
  • Manufacturing and SCM.
  • Transportation and SCM.
  • Supply network design.
  • Warehousing and SCM.
  • Capacity and inventory management.
  • Resource planning and control.
  • Lean synchronization.
ITECH 7413 assessment answers

Learning Outcome of the Course

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how to manage durability and success in large distribution networks.
  • Provide a synopsis of recent developments in the field of supply chain management systems.
  • Compare and contrast alternative supply chain management systems' transportation, management, and administrative components.
  • Compare and contrast various supply chain management system implementation ideas.
  • Provide a creative solution to a homework problem involving logistics and the supply chain environment.
  • Use material removal supply management technology such as ERP game mechanics and SAP SCM to exhibit skills and competence in managing and comprehending supply chain operations and processes.
  • Research and evaluate several supply chain management techniques used by various networks.
  • Investigate the most recent advancements and future issues in Supply Chain Management electrical installations and their application in a global setting.
  • Inspect the installation of the Supply Chain Management System.
  • Go over and understand the supply-chain management paperwork.

Important Concepts

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  • Order Processing: It is concerned with the start and end of the client experience. As a management student, you understand how critical it is to understand the customer's experience. As a result, make certain that you use this principle correctly. If you're having trouble applying this topic, contact us for ITECH 7413 academic assistance.
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ITECH 7413 Assessment Answers

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The key contrast among both supply chain management and information systems is that the former is engaged with much of what occurs outside the company—purchasing resources and transporting supplies—while the latter is preoccupied with what happens inside the company.

Supply management involves the coordination of an item's or agency's whole producing flow, from raw materials through to the consumer's doorstep.

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