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HRMT20024 - Managing Human Resources unit introduces you to human resource management (HRM) and frameworks and models that describe HRM's basic activities, including planning, recruiting, development, reward, and employee motivation. Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to all formal mechanisms to manage employees and other stakeholders. Any individual, group, or individual with an interest in an organization and the effects of its activities is referred to as a stakeholder in the business.

Organizations are experiencing a productivity crisis, and global economic competitiveness is at risk of survival. Along with this difficulty, organizations must provide employees with a higher quality of work-life while still adhering to a complicated collection of rules, regulations, and court rulings. This unit will look at how functional areas, tactics, and practices help an organization run efficiently and effectively and how they might help the organization to gain a long-term competitive edge. To appreciate what characterizes ethical human resource management, you'll look at the function of HRM in a variety of organizations and cultural situations.

HRMT20024 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying this HRMT20024 Unit?

Our HRMT20024 assignment help experts say that this unit will help you understand the significance of describing the tactics and practices to help the organization run efficiently and effectively. To give you a gist of it, we have added here some learning outcomes of this unit; take a look into it -

  • Analyse the role and responsibilities of HRM in terms of strategic integration and attaining organizational goals.
  • Analyse current issues in human resource management in the context of modern professional and academic research.
  • Organize, attract, recruit, develop, motivate, and reward people and adapt to internal and external changes by identifying and evaluating organizational strategies and techniques.
  • The first factor must be considered in achieving the organization's aims and goals or stakeholders.
  • Acquire a critical awareness of current human resource challenges, including ethical concerns.

What are the Contemporary Challenges in Managing Human Resources?

For four reasons, managers have struggled to manage human resources:

  1. Because obtaining complete collaboration, enthusiasm, and dedication from many people is difficult, managers' expectations are sometimes unreasonable.
  2. Concepts relating to the administration of big groups of people sometimes send managers inconsistent messages.
  3. Critical issues incorporating people management, such as human resources management (HRM) in the executive decision, the functions of personnel staff, and a lack of appropriate HRM know-how at senior management levels, remain largely unaddressed.
  4. Some managerial beliefs about HRM, no matter how well-intentioned, impede the work of many managers.

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What are the Principles of Human Resource Management?

When discussing human resource management, various factors are regarded as pillars for good HRM policies. These are the cornerstones:

  • Selection and recruitment: The main responsibilities are to recruit people and choose the best ones to work for the company. Individuals are the heartbeat of every organization; thus, finding the best people is crucial.
  • Management of performance: The second pillar is performance management. It's all about assisting employees in achieving their full potential at work in order to boost the company's outcomes.
  • Development and learning: With training and development support, employees may retrain and update their skills. Organizational learning (LD) is the responsibility of HR, and solid policies may help the organization achieve its long-term goals.
  • Planning for the future: Establishing contingency preparations for important people leaving the firm is known as planning for the future.
  • Benefits and compensation: Every employee needs fair compensation for their retention in the organization.

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HRMT20024 assessment answers

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HRMT20024 Assessment Answers

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The goal of human resource management is to increase an organization's output through improving employee effectiveness.

The four most critical aspect of human Resource management are:

  • Providing each employee with as many possibilities for personal development as possible) Maintaining staff dignity in the workplace
  • Creating an atmosphere and providing incentives for the development and utilisation of creativity.
  • Maintaining good interpersonal and workgroup connections.

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