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Derive the Best GM702 Operations Management Assessment Answers with the Help of Professionals

The course of operations management covers the main activities involved in the operations functioning of businesses, i.e. manufacturing and service. The vital role of operations is concerned with delivering value to customers by supplying the correct products, with the correct quality standards, in the correct quantity, at the correct time, and the correct cost.

gm702 operations management assessment answers

The primary activities of operations initiate from pre-production tasks (i.e. designing of products or processes), capacity and resource planning, scheduling and sequencing of operations, inventory and supply chain management, quality control, and improvisation methodologies whereby the system along with its procedures are amended in the light of learning procedures.

The students pursuing this course gain a thorough understanding of the functioning of operations management and the contribution that operations management adds to the effective operation of a business, specifically in the manufacturing field. The course involves the understanding of the designing and management of processes, products, services and supply chains which applies to all kinds of organisations and businesses.

Students have to apply their in-depth knowledge and skills related to the applied approaches to systems design and analysis to define efficient solutions to daily issues encountered in industries across the globe. Our experts are available round the clock to assist students in their assessments and derive the best GM702 Operations Management Assessment Answers.

gm702 operations management assessment answers

List of Universities Offering Operations Management Course

  • Griffith University
  • Victoria University
  • Western Sydney University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Tasmania
  • Curtin University
  • Deakin University
  • Monash University
  • University of Technology, Sydney

The aforementioned universities in Australia are renowned for their quality of teaching and research and they offer distinct inter-related degree courses.

gm702 operations management assessment answers

Structure of Course

The Graduate program of operations management, units or subject tends to cover several areas of units as mentioned below:

  • Introduction to operations management
  • Process design
  • Process analysis
  • Statistics
  • Quality management
  • Lean operations
  • Management of operations involving inventory systems
  • Quantitative models like transportation queuing models

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Learning Outcomes of the Course

After completing the course successfully, students will become capable in:

  • Deconstructing the product’s theoretical aspects, services design and provision in numerous situations;
  • Critically evaluating several theories and policies of manufacturing and supply chain and elucidate their relevance and applications to contemporary industries;
  • Adapting and justifying the transformation processes’ design which utilises people, materials, and other resources for creating products for customers;
  • Collaboratively investigating, analysing and reporting on practical situations of manufacturing and service management in a particular industry, making efficient recommendations;
  • Understanding the theory and execution of quality control activities for distinct industries.
  • Proposing business solutions in verbal and written forms for operations improvisation and process design projects.

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Career Opportunities

The candidates can pursue a career in the following roles after completing the course:

  • Account Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Computer Network Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing Shop Supervisor
  • Inventory Manager
  • Manufacturing Supervisor/Engineer.

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Our Experts Discuss the Approach to Derive Assignment Solution on GM702 Operations Management

Our highly qualified and experienced experts are managers, engineers or supervisors linked with reputed organisations and they have a firm grip on the subject. They encourage students to follow the below-mentioned approach to draft a perfect assessment solution:

  • Check the type of assignment (essay, reports, article, case studies, literature review, etc) and frame the solution accordingly.
  • Note down the desired referencing style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc).
  • Look for the required formatting style before commencing the assignment solution.
  • Carefully note down the overview of the assignment and then prepare a draft after conducting in-depth research by considering the latest and authentic sources.
  • Write the assignment solution by strictly following the marking rubrics provided by the university.
  • Incorporate their problem solving or critical thinking skills along with the understanding of quantitative models, systems design, processes, analysis, approaches, statistics, and research methodology to solve evidence-based reports and complete other assignments like essays, case studies, problem-solving scenarios, research projects, and other assessments.
  • Collect, utilise and store data/information to support the decision-making process.
  • Provide a comprehensive and efficient description of the desired concepts.
  • Include all necessary elements and methodologies desired in the assignment.
  • After completion of the assignment solution written in a perfect layout format with proper citation of references, read the file at least twice or thrice to rectify any error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Operations management can be considered as three levels which include:

  • Strategic
  • Operations
  • Tactical

The three elements of operations include inputs, transformation processes, and outputs. Operations management includes the systematic direction as well as control of the processes transforming resources (i.e. inputs) into finished goods for customers (i.e. outputs).

Yes, our academic experts provide one to one live tutoring sessions, provides mock quizzes and online tests to help you get prepared for exams to attain top-notch grades.

Yes, we possess a team of 5000+ subject matter experts with sub-specialization in distinct subjects.

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