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Get Dividend Policy Decisions Assignment Help By Sample Assignment

If you are pursuing a course in the subject of the dividend policy decision, then you must be going through immense pressure which is hard to cope up with. The major point in the decision-making area of financial management is taking decisions related to dividend policymaking. The dividend decision of any company should be analyzed relating to the financing decision of the firm. A student needs to learn the intricacy and complications related to the finance, account and policymaking. This is why academic universities create constraints on a student. At this point taking dividend policy decisions assignment help from the experts is the best solution for a student.

dividend policy decisions assignment help

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What is Dividend Policy?

dividend policy decisions assignment help

The dividend policy of a company talks about the number of dividends are to be paid out by the company to its shareholders and the frequency, maintaining which the dividends are paid out. A profit-making company need to decide on what to do with the gained profit. There have two ways, one is to retain the profit in the company and other is to distribute the money among the shareholders in the form of a dividend. Our business finance assignment help experts can let you know the policy better.

What is a Dividend? Know with Dividend Policy Decisions assignment helper

The dividend is the share of profits that is disseminated to the shareholders in the company and return the shareholders contribution for their investment in the company. The companys management must use a part of their profit to satisfy various stakeholders but shareholders are neededto the first preference as they face the highest amount of risk for the company.

What is the different type of dividend?

There are two types of dividend in the financial market:

Cash dividend

The cash dividend is the distribution of fund or money e mostly paid to stockholders. It is a part of the companys current earnings or accumulated profit. Carrying the significance of the name, the cash dividend is paid directly in money. It is the work of the board of directors to declare the issuing of all dividends and they have to decide if the dividend payment will be the same or different. The prime attraction of cash dividend is, it is paid on regular basis such as quarterly, monthly or yearly. Although sometimes one-time-only pay-out can also be applied according to the settlement of the company. The details can be explored with our Finance assignment help experts.

Bonus share

Bonus shares are the kind of shares which aredistributed to the shareholders at no cost. It is the additional share given to the current shareholders of the company. The shares given to the shareholder is without any additional cost which is based upon the number of shares that a shareholder possesses. This is the companys accumulated earnings which are not given out in the form of dividend rather it is converted into free shares. Bonus share increases the issued share capital of the company. The company is perceived as bigger as then it is which make it more attractive for the investors. Increasing the number of outstanding shares lowers down the stock price, making the stock affordable for retail investors.

Dividend policy assignment homework is completely related to the financial aspect of a company. To write an assignments student need to go through immense case study and research and often opt for help with Dividend Policy Decisions assignment help.

dividend policy assessment help

dividend policy assessment sample

What are the kinds of Dividend Policies?

The Dividend policy used by the company which can affect the value of the Enterprise. The main goal of making dividend is to place it with aligned manner to maximize the companys value for its shareholders. When the shareholders are the owner of the company, the board of directors can make the call on whether profits will be distributed or retained.

There is various type of dividend policies a company can perceive

  • Stable Dividend policy

In this policy, the percentage of profit paid out as a dividend is fixed. If the company fixes the pay-out rate at 6% then it has to distributethe same amount of dividend to its shareholders regardless of the number of profits earned for the financial year.

  • Regular Dividend policy

Under the regular Dividend policy, the company distribute a dividend every year. If the company makes a very high profit then the excess profit will not be distributed to the shareholders but it will be used as retained earnings. But if the company makes a loss, the shareholder will still be able to get a dividend under this policy.

  • Irregular Dividend policy

With irregular Dividend policy, the company has no obligation to pay its shareholder and board of directors can decide about the share of the profits. If the company makes an abnormal profit in a certain year, then they can decide to distribute some amount of profit to its shareholder. The amount of dividend will be decided by the board of directors.

  • No Dividend policy

Under the regulation of no dividend policy, the company doesnt distribute dividends to the shareholders. The business growth cycle explains the reason for not paying dividends; the company need these funds to expand their operations, increase their personnel and build factories. In case of confusion, you can opt for public finance and taxation assignment help from our experts.

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