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Resolve Your Networking Issues With Computer Network Assignment Help

Here, at Sample Assignment, we provide computer network assignment help that will make you feel relaxed by academic pressure within a few hours. We take all your work pressure away with our excellent and on-time assignment writing service. We work 24*7 to deal with complexities faced by you as a student of computer networking.

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As a student, you have to write and subject with lots of assignments flowing together, and the subject contains difficult concepts to study. In case you are thinking of preparing your assignment of your own? But do you know what a computer network is? Our Computer Network Assignment Expert has explained the basic concepts of Computer Networks in the below sections.

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What is a Computer Network?

A computer network consists of several electronic devices connected to exchange and share information and resources. We could say, therefore, that they are communication systems in which different devices act as transmitter and receiver alternately.

The Internet is an example of a computer network: millions of devices interconnected with each other to communicate and share resources.

Types Of Computer Networks

According to our Computer Network Assignment writers, there are different types of computer networks depending on their size or range:

  • PAN (Personal Area Network) or personal area network: formed by the devices of a single person. Its range is a few meters.
  • WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) or wireless personal area network: wireless connection PAN network.
  • LAN (Local Area Network) or local area network: local range, such as a building or an airplane, for example. It does not include connections for public use.
  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) or wireless local area network: wireless LAN. They are the most used.
  • CAN (Campus Area Network) or campus area network: a high-speed device network that connects local networks in a limited geographic area, such as a university campus, for example. It does not use public connections.
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) or metropolitan area network: the high-speed network (broadband) that provides coverage to a large but limited geographic area.
  • WAN (Wide Area Network) or wide area network: covers a large area using satellites, interoceanic cables, fiber optics, etc. Use public media.
  • VLAN logical or virtual LAN: It is installed over a physical network to increase performance and security. As network security is an essential topic to be covered the majority of times in assignments, we have solved hundreds of such assignments for our students. We are sharing some of the important questions and solution from the Computer Network Assignment sample online:
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Main Actors In Any Computer Network

Our experts in Computer Science Assignment Help define the main actors in any computer network, which we will see below.


Devices connected to a computer network can be classified into two types: devices that control access and communication in a network (network devices), such as modem, router, switch, access point, bridge, etc., and devices that connect to it use (end-user devices), such as a computer, tablets, mobile phones, notebook, printers, smart TV, video game console, etc.

Those who use a network, in turn, can fulfill two roles (classification of networks by functional relationship): server, where the device provides a service for anyone who wants to use it, or client, where the device uses one or more services from 1 or more servers. This type of network architecture is called a client/server.

On the other hand, when all devices in a network can be clients and servers at the same time and it is impossible to distinguish the roles, we find ourselves in the presence of a point-to-point or peer-to-peer architecture. Different types of architecture co-exist on the Internet.


The medium is the connection that makes it possible for devices to interact with each other. The communication media can be classified by type of connection as guided or directed, where they are: coaxial cable, twisted pair cable (UTP / STP), optical fibre, and unguided, where radio waves (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), infrared, and microwaves are found. Guided media are those made up of cables, while unguided media are wireless.

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It comprises all elements exchanged between devices, both for access and communication management and for the end-user (text, hypertext, images, music, video, etc.).


A resource is everything that a device requests from the network, and that can be directly identified and accessed. It can be a file shared on another computer within the network, a service that you want to consume, a printer through which you want to print a document, information, hard disk space, processing time, etc.

If we connect to a network, for example, to request a file that we cannot directly identify and access, we will have to consume a service that identifies and accesses it for us. There are video streaming services (websites where we can watch online videos, such as YouTube), audio streaming (some radio on the Internet), application services (such as Google Docs), and others. In general, the devices that provide services are called servers.

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