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BUS020X619S Retailing Issues and Applications Assessment Answers - Place Your Order Today

Do you know who is the Australia's largest retailer? As of September 2021, Wesfarmers Limited was the largest retail firm listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), with a market valuation of roughly 64.99 billion Australian dollars. Studying BUS020X619S Retailing Issues and Applications course can help you be a part of this prestigious organisation easily.

BUS020X619S assessment answers

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The word 'retailing' comes from the French verb 'retailer,' which means "to take a bit off." Retailing is described as a set of marketing actions aimed at providing satisfaction to the end consumer from the standpoint of a marketer. The retail business is fast evolving as stores shift their focus to digital purchases.

This is the course for you if you appreciate working in a fast-paced customer service profession and using your sales talents to assist consumers in finding their ideal retail needs. Studying a retail course is all about equipping you with the skills, information, and credentials you'll need to succeed.

Study materials for Completing The Course Easily

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What are the Learning Outcomes of This Course?

Our BUS020X619S Retailing Issues and Applications assignment help experts say that the course will help you evolve your thinking and perceiving skills. You will get a better understanding of the retail system. After completing this course, you will also be able to start your own retailing business easily. Now, check out these learning outcomes of this course added here for your reference -

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the difficulties, problems, opportunities, and procedures that come with running a retail business
  • Define retail merchandising, retail formats, retail branding, retail technology, and retail experience
  • Give some insight into human resource management in a retail environment
  • Examine the importance of information technology in the evolving retail business.
  • In strategic planning, distinguish between macroenvironmental and microenvironmental issues.
  • Sort the broad phases of retail strategic planning into categories.
  • Assess the degree of product diversity and selection for each type of item shop.
  • Describe the decisions that each sort of product shop is making right now to adapt to the present environment.
  • Analyse the retailing process, the environment in which it takes place, and the institutions and activities that are carried out critically.
  • Examine a variety of viable retail solutions to assure success in an ever-changing business climate.
BUS020X619S assessment answers

Units of Competency

SIRRFSA001- Handle food safely in a retail environment

SIRRMER001- Produce visual merchandise displays

SIRXPDK002- Advise on food products and services

SIRXSLS002- Follow point-of-sale procedures

SIRXOSM001- Identify and review social media and online platforms for organisational use

SIRXIND001- Work effectively in a service environment

SIRXWHS002- Contribute to workplace health and safety

FSKLRG09- Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems

SIRXCEG001- Engage the customer

SIRXRSK001- Identify and respond to security risks

BUS020X619S Assessment Answer

What Topics are Covered in This Course?

Our BUS020X619S Retailing Issues and Applications academic assistance says that the course covers all important aspects which can help you evolve your thinking skills. It also has some topics which can be beneficial in terms of establishing your own retail business. Check out the topics added here -

  • Retail management
  • Retail management application
  • Classification of Retailers
  • Components of Retailing Concept
  • Steps of Retail Strategy Planning
  • Merchandising
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Importance of Location in Retailing
  • Types of Retail Location
  • Private Label
  • Careers in Retailing
  • Success in Retailing
  • Creation of Private Label
  • Franchising

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