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What Is Behavioural Finance?

As the Behavioral Finance Assignment writers suggest, Behaviour Finances is considered to be one of the segments of Behavioural Economics. It proposes to be the psychological influences and effects which are based on the financial behaviour of the investors and the practitioners. To explain all types of market anomalies in the stock market, influences and biases are the sources to it.

One of the most important aspects of behavioural Finance is the influences that the biases hold. Biases are said to occur because of various reasons. They are usually bifurcated between five key concepts namely:

  1. Disposition Bias

It refers to the situation when the investors seek the winners that belong to them and hang on to the losers. Here, the psychological thinking of the investor is to realise the gains as quick as possible. The major flow in the same is that the performance of the investor is tied to the entry price of the same.

  1. Confirmation Bias

Under this category of Bias, the investor is biased towards accepting the information that is confirmed to hold a belief in an investment. The information surfaced by chance is an opportunity for the investor to accept it to confirm that he or she is correct about their decision.

  1. Experiential Bias

This kind of Bias occurs when the memory of the investor if the event forces them to be biased or lead them towards a belief that the event will not occur again.

  1. Loss Aversion

The Aversion of loss occurs when a greater weighting is paced on concern by the investor because of the fear of the losses than the market gains. In layman's language, they are likely to assign a hi gher priority on avoiding to loose rather than making gains through investments.

  1. Familiarity Bias

Familiarity Bias is stated when the individual investor invests on what they are aware of such as that of Domestic Companies. This shows that the investors are not diversified over the multiple sectors, investments and its types that can be used to reduce the risk.

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What Are Behavioural Finance Concepts?

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As per the professional writers who provide Financial Statement Analysis Assignment help, there are five major concepts:

  1. Mental Accounting

The concept of Mental Accounting refers to the predisposition of individuals to assign money for a particular set of purpose. It is behavioural economics introduced in 1999. It refers to the various kinds of values that people about the money that is known to hold the detrimental effects and results.

  1. Herd Behaviour

Under the concept of Herd behaviour, the experts say that the individual tries and repeat the behaviour of the majority of the population. They tend to follow the herd and mimic the same behaviour. This kind of behaviour is seen majorly in the Stock Market because of the dramatic rallies.

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  1. Emotional Gap

This refers to the making of a decision based on extreme emotions such as that of anxiety, fear, anger and excitement. As stated by our Behavioral Finance Assignment service providers, emotions play a key role in deciding why people do not make rational decisions.

  1. Anchoring

The concept of Anchoring refers to the method in which a specific spending level to certain reference. To explain it better, one can take the example of rationalized spending based on the satisfaction of utilities.

  1. Self- Attribution

Self Attribution refers to the consistency to choose based on the confidence of a defines area. Here, an individual tends to place themselves above all under the category of Highest Knowledge keeper.

Several universities offering this course such as Here are the universities such as 

  • University of Sydney - FINS3655 Behavioural Finance
  • University College London - MSIN0225 Behavioural Finance
  • Swinburne University - FIN60011 Behavioural Finance and Investment 
  • University of Queensland - Behavioural Finance FINM3407

Behaviour Finance Explained Under Stock Market

The basic understanding of behavioral finance in stock markets and other trading movements are biased on a daily bases. The Behavioural Finance Theory has been used to provide a clear explanation of the market anomalies like recession, deep recession and bubbles.

As per the EMH or Efficient Market Hypothesis, in a liquid market at a given point of time, the stock prices are efficiently used and valued to show the available data. It is said to be generally based on the system of belief that the market participation views the stocks and its prices based on the internal and external factors. Such a trend can be used to analyse the price level in the market and speculations of fluctuations for decision making.

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