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Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study Help By Experts

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Aussie pooch mobile case study help


Aussie Pooch Mobile is a service company dedicated to bathing at home for canine pets in Australia, which over time has grown within the Australian and international markets through the franchise business practice. However, it has been seen in certain crossroads decisions about how to manage within the market in which it operates, not only due to internal factors such as growth due to market demand but also due to external market factors such as competition and others.

Aussie pooch mobile case study help

Relevant Facts of Aussie Pooch Mobile Canberra

Located in Burpengary, Queensland, north of Brisbane, Aussie Pooch Mobile (APM) had been founded in 1991 by 22-year-old Christine Taylor. This consisted of bringing the grooming services for dogs to the client's homes.

What does the service consist of?

According to our experts of Case Study Assignment Help, APM brings the service to the customers home and parks the trailer on the street. The use of hydro bath equipment, in which hot water is pumped under pressure through a showerhead, allows operators to clean dogs better than any garden hose. The bath was designed to remove fleas and ticks from dogs, improve skin conditions, clean their fur, and eliminate bad odors. Customers provide water and electricity.

Service Fee: $ 15 to $ 30 per dog depending on breed and size, coat condition, behavior, and geographic location.

Overview of Australian Market

The population of Australia: 19.3 million (2001)

-Divided into 6 states: New South Wales (NGS), Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the island of Tasmania.

-In the country, there were about 4 million domestic dogs (42% of the 7.4 million households had at least one).

Competition to Aussie Pooch Mobile

The dog grooming places in a fixed place and the service where mobile operators went to the customer's house.

Top 2 Competitors Of Aussie Pooch Mobile: Jims Dog Wash and Hydro dog

Case Study Questions Solved By Our Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study Helper

1. How did Christine Taylor succeed in turning the dog grooming service, which she created as a teenager, into an international franchise business?

In the first place, Christine's success was because she had her mission and vision established, practically since she was a child she already knew what she wanted to do and what she had to do to achieve it, I knew that taking service to people at home was a good strategy, In this way he made his big dream come true, and decided to convert his business into franchises, because he realized that they could not alone with the workload, In addition to that it was more profitable and would help him expand quickly. Christine not only wanted to generate profit, what she did, but she also did with love and dedication, she even selected franchisees so as not to expose her image and her quality of service.

Aussie pooch mobile case study help Aussie pooch mobile case study help

2. Compare the tasks required to recruit new customers with the tasks to enroll new franchisees

#Tasks for recruiting customers

Advertising from competitors can help increase primary demand.

Generate Leads: Through advertising, public relations, and promotions can attract potential customers, the colorful trailer is like a mobile billboard as it attracts attention.

Generate referrals: make the business known through existing clients, by word of mouth.

Test - It's easy for customers and takes little time.

#Tasks for enrolling new franchisees

Advertising can get people into the mobile dog washing business.

Projection and selection of the requirements are demanding; Candidates must: - be motivated and outgoing. - Love dogs and understand their role in families. - Who wants to work for themselves? - Have completed at least the tenth of high school. Knowing how to get along with people. - Be patient. -Have a good person answer the phone. - Have a valid driver's license. - Have access to a vehicle capable of pulling a trailer. - Be able to do this type of driving in an urban environment. - Be willing to work outdoors. - Be fit to handle physically demanding work. - Be willing and able to invest $ 24,000 (plus $ 2,400 for 10% of GST).

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