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You will explore the Middle East's broad history from antiquity to the 20th century in this course. It begins by looking at how popular culture, especially Hollywood movies, affects how we perceive the area and its residents. You'll learn about the Middle East's history and how this distinctive region of the world has led to conflicts over politics and religion throughout the ages. Students often seek AIE153 assessment answers. We, Hello Assignment Help, provide the best solutions for it. Millions of students search for AIE153 History of the Middle East assignment help online. They get the best quality from us. Hello Assignment Help is the best assignment help available online. If you are seeking any AIE153 assignment help, Hello Assignment Help is the one.

AIE153 assessment answers

List of Universities providing AIE153 based course

Numerous universities offer instruction in Middle Eastern history. Additionally, you must apply to the following universities if you want the best training possible in Middle Eastern history:

  • Deakin University
  • Macquarie University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • La Trobe University
  • Murdoch University
  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of New England
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of Newcastle

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Career opportunities for AIE153 students

There are many job opportunities for AIE153 students. With the help of AIE153 assignment sample online help, they pass out with flying colors. Moreover, they get themselves into jobs like:

  1. A career in teaching and research: Many history degree holders go on to teach history at the secondary or collegiate levels in order to spread their passion for the subject. While the second route frequently calls for completing studies up to the Ph.D. level, the first of these possibilities typically needs the attainment of a certified teaching qualification.
  2. Jobs in historic preservation: Professions in archiving and heritage, in contrast to academic research, center on the preservation and organization of historical artifacts. These artifacts can include everything from taxidermied animals to well-known paintings. Holders with history degrees have the chance to be successful in these jobs because of their knowledge of the importance of history and their dedication to preserving it for the benefit of humanity, both now and in the future. For those career opportunities, every student seeks assignment solutions on AIE153. However, Hello Assignment Help deals with them and help them with their assignment. And they are satisfied with our work.
  3. Professions in politics: Political careers are very well suitable to historical scholars, particularly those who have chosen to concentrate on analyzing significant political activities, the historical evolution of systems of government, and the sophisticated set of variables involved with political governance and opposition, despite politics being a "less typical" career path for history graduates. Politics occupations, in contrast to several study and historical roles, allow you to apply your expertise to the advancement and transformation of politics.
  4. Jobs in the media: Journalism, writing, editing, broadcasting, and any other media-related careers are all possible, with jobs as diverse as TV scheduling or radio DJing. Because the media is so important in spreading news and information to broad audiences, media occupations are surprisingly common for history majors. When playing these parts, historical knowledge will help you develop cultural sensitivity and understanding. It will also help you comprehend current social and political challenges.
  5. Law careers: Due to their strong analytical and critical thinking abilities, history majors are recognized worldwide in the legal profession. Although many positions require more education, history graduates might be qualified for administrative and office positions in the legal industry.

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Skills and knowledge gained from AIE153 studies


  • The linguistic, methodological, and theoretical abilities required to locate, read, and evaluate Middle Eastern-language materials as well as global scholarly works pertinent to the comprehension of key developments in the modern Middle East.
  • The ability to read and interpret literary and non-literary works in one's chosen language (Arabic, Persian, or Turkish) for educational purposes.
  • The ability to work independently on solving theoretical and practical problems while being able to assess the ideas and systematic approaches that are common in Middle East studies.
  • The ability to plan and carry out a small-scale independent study with guidance, while being aware of any potential moral difficulties that current Middle East Studies may provide and knowing how to address them.


  • Knowledge of the Middle East's social, political, and cultural changes in depth, as well as expertise in a specific area of Middle Eastern politics and culture, Islamic studies, or Middle Eastern linguistics and culture.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the main scholarly theories and philosophical arguments surrounding the study of social, political, and cultural developments in the Middle East.
  • The capacity to use insights to investigate novel topics and issues within Middle Eastern communities and cultures, track down pertinent sources, and analyse them using pertinent theory.
  • A solid understanding of the fundamentals of the quantitative approach and in-depth knowledge of applied research techniques, such as research, qualitative approach studies, and textual analysis.
  • Can assess academic issues in light of the Middle East's history, customs, unique character, and position in society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By learning concepts of educative theories, one can ensure proper guidance and meaning about the collection of relevant information through observation.

Yes, we do all kinds of academic assignments.

The term "Middle Eastern studies" refers to a variety of academic disciplines that focus on the geography, politics, history, and culture of the Middle East.

There are many options to work abroad with a degree in Middle Eastern studies, particularly in fields like business, economics, and finance.

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