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We are here to resolve all your queries and concerns related to the course. This course will assist you to comprehend all types of power electronics. Students can use this course to explore and build their own answers to complicated design problems. Students will have a thorough grasp of various power converter working principles, control, and modulation methodologies after completing this topic. Students will also be able to model, simulate, and determine the most critical design parameters for control and prototype development.

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42092 assessment answers

What are the Benefits of Studying the 42092 Advanced Power Electronics Course?

Our 42092 academic assistance experts say that studying the cab helps you to gain more knowledge on Power Electronics. You will be able to comprehend all important topics and concepts of electronics. Check out the learning outcomes of this course for in-depth information -

  • Analyse and develop power converters using the mathematical methods associated with transform theory.
  • Use a hierarchical method to model genuine and complicated power electronic systems, and be able to simplify them using practical assumptions.
  • Perform time-domain and frequency-domain analysis, design, simulation, and testing of power converters and control systems.
  • Using suitable laboratory equipment, measure the time and frequency domain characteristics of power converters.

A Short Description of Power Electronics' History

The history of power electronics is broad. The mercury-arc valve, a type of rectifier that converts high voltage alternating current (AC) to direct current, was first introduced around the turn of the twentieth century (DC). Electric trains, industrial motors, streetcars, high-voltage direct current power transmission, and radio transmitters were all applications for these.

Lee De Forest's triode was introduced a few years later, in 1096. Errol Shand's metal tank rectifier was introduced in 1925, followed by Joseph Slepian's ignition in the 1930s.

In fact, until the late 1940s, all early breakthroughs were focused on energy management. The creation of the silicon transistor at Bell Laboratories in 1948 was when things really took off. The thyristor, a semiconductor switch whose bistable behaviour is dependent on p-n-p-n regenerative feedback, was also invented during this period. The silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR), invented by Bell Laboratories in 1954, is the most well-known thyristor.

42092 Assessment Answers

Some Study Materials for Completing the Course

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What is the Importance of Power Electronics?

The use of electronic devices and associated components to the conditioning of electric power, conversion and control is referred to as power electronics. The major properties of electrical power are modified by power electronics converters: the basic form current, power factor, frequency, AC, DC, voltage and so on.

Non-electrical characteristics such as the intensity of lights, the speed of a motor, the pace of an electrochemical process, or the temperature of an oven may all be controlled using electric power.

Power electronics systems are employed in a variety of applications and have the ability to influence every aspect of global economic and social activity. Power electronics, and the engineering behind them, are immensely significant in people's daily lives, from cellphones to pacemakers, utilities to autos.

The requirement for electrical energy rises in lockstep with the growth in living standards. In the twenty-first century, methods for manipulating and conserving energy sources are critical to maintaining a decent quality of living. In the effective use of electrical energy and environmental management, power electronics play a critical role.

42092 assessment answers

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